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The Net Effect of Concealment Camo Netting

Could you be overlooking details that are keeping birds from settling in shotgun range?
Although we can’t ask a duck what it sees, there are a few things we can take into consideration upon setup. Ducks and duck decoys blend naturally into their surroundings. However, some of your most necessary hunting equipment may not. Straight lines and corners rarely occur in nature, and blending into the natural habitat of waterfowl is essential to the hunt. Overhead concealment is often overlooked, so exposure from above can be the red flag that alerts ducks to your position.

Camo NettingAlthough it will not actually make you invisible, there is specialized equipment that will help conceal waterfowlers from their prey. Camo netting is an essential investment for any serious waterfowler. Camouflage nets have long been used by the military as a form of visual deception. Disruptive patterning characterized by high-contrast light and dark patches break up outlines, thereby disrupting recognizable shapes. Camouflage nets use a die cut textile that creates a three-dimensional effect by letting the light show through to generate a texture with a depth of shadow created beneath it. The result is the disruption of an object’s outline making it much harder to identify.

Don’t forget to conceal large openings by draping the camo netting over them. Remember to use dark colors inside the structure to maximize your coverage in the shadows behind the netting. Topped off with natural cover from the spot in which you are setting up, camouflage nets are the perfect compliment to any duck blind or boat blind kit.

Gotta have one?
AbatureOutpost.com offers a complete range of superior quality camo netting to match any terrain, including Mossy Oak and Real tree patterns. Three styles of camo nets are available: ultra-lite, military and broadleaf. Just as the name suggests, ultra-light netting is lightweight, made from durable water-resistant, rip-stop material. Military style adds a tough mesh backing to the ulta-lite base for added strength. Broadleaf style camouflage netting is made with a unique die cut that delivers up to 25% more concealment. All of the camouflage nets available from Abature Outpost are built to resist the elements and are treated with a non-glare additive to eliminate light reflection. Many nets are available in bulk rolls.

Visit AbatureOutpost.com today. Free Shipping on all orders over $100.

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