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3 Comments on "duck-boat-camo-stencil"

  1. chris on Sat, 3rd Jul 2010 11:21 am 

    when cutting the stencil do you cut out the black area or the white area

  2. Rich on Sun, 9th Jan 2011 8:23 pm 

    Where do u get the free stencils at or am i reading into this wrong and i have to make them lol. THanks

  3. John on Sun, 11th Mar 2012 10:39 am 

    Repainting my 16′ river sled i liked the way your boat looked. im thinking of going with grey bay for a base color. then hopefully if i can get one of your oakbark paterns i was going to put that one horizontal along the whole out side of boat in flat black and maybe live rush. the go with the grass / weeds stensil. can borrow a few of your patterns> thanks alot ryan

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