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Below are some of the fantastic sponsors who have supported the watefowl community here at DuckHuntingChat.com – Please support these decoy manufacturers whenever possible and let them know you appreciate their support!

Dakota DecoysPremium Gunning Decoys for Demanding HuntersDakota Decoys is out to set the standard for all other Canada Goose decoys to be judged by. They’ve created a very natural, realist body posture and added a variety of head positions to compliment the bodies. They hand paint every decoy to perfection, to give each decoy a custom look.



Dakota Decoys

Deadly DecoysUltra Realistic Windsock Decoys
Deadly Decoys are an extremely realistic looking windsock decoys, and are available in all waterfowl species. It features a back-bone support like no other as well as it’s appearance.563-382-0530

Deadly Decoys

Deeks DecoysCarry a Flock in Your Pocket
DEEKS were developed by experienced hunters who felt, as you probably do, that plastic decoys are an unnecessary waste of energy and space. DEEKS have every desirable feature that experience and imagination could incorporate into one simple, workable device.503-371-7811

Deeks Decoys

Flambeau DecoysFirst Decoys That Match the Ultraviolet Reflection of FeathersFlambeau has secured an exclusive license to utilize the patent pending UVision™ coating technology on its leading brand of waterfowl decoys. Developed by the coatings scientists at Twilight Labs, UVision™ matches the reflectance of real feathers in the full range of light visible to birds, including ultra-violet (UV).



G&H DecoysA Waterfowl Tradition Since 1934!
All G&H Decoys are made right here in the U.S.A. at their Henryetta, Oklahoma facility. G&H Decoys, Inc. is proud to offer decoys that are American made and of superior quality and value. At G&H, we perform extensive research and development to assure our customers the very best products available.



GH Decoys

NRA FUD DecoysGame to be Different!NRA FUDS are a decoy that can be used in water, on ice, in the shallows, or on dry land in an unlimited range of postures. The posture variations available from FUDs are second to none in the world of decoys.www.nrafud.com


Sillosock DecoysRealism, Portability, Movement like no other Field Decoy!Sillosocks produces the best windsock decoys ever created! They hold their shape in no wind, setup/takedown/transport easily, and look great. We’ve been using these decoys since they came out and it comprises of almost our entire snow goose spread – they flat out work!



Sillosock Decoys

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