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Duck Hunting Chat is now Web 2.0

Duck Hunting Chat is now Web 2.0

Sometimes change is good, I’m hoping this to be the case of the new site.

This site has come a long ways the past 5 1/2 years, and it has grown due to the great community. I’d like to give back with more features and more information that has been graciously provided by your fellow members here at DHC. This will make your online experience more educational, interactive, and yes everyone, we’ve got chat now. 🙂

Here is some of the new features here at

1) Updates almost daily – With the new format, we can push new tips, articles, news, and more to you more efficiently.  This will enable more interactive information and ideas for waterfowlers.

2) RSS/Email Feeds – You can subscribe to our waterfowl magazine through either your email via “Duck Hunting News & DHC Updates” section on the left side email or via DHC RSS feeds.  We will keep you up to date on waterfowl industry news, migration and spring conditions (we’re located in the Prairie Pothole Region of ND), as well as our latest articles, stories, and how-to’s.  We’ll keep you updated, and it’s easy.

3) Videos – We’re integrating more videos into our articles, as well as featuring videos almost daily on the site.  We’ll soon be launching an interactive video site – keep your eyes on the site or subscribe for this service.  I personally have over 3 years of hunting footage I’m editing for the commnity.

4)  DHC Blog – Myself and special guests will post up often on various rants, tips, news, and other information to keep you entertained.  There’s so much to waterfowling that’s just not talked about or taken seriously.

5)  CHAT – Yes, DUCKHUNTINGCHAT.COM now has a chat.  Check it out on the right side bar.

6) Comments – We now allow you the ability to post up on our articles and news.  This will allow you to ask questions, give thanks for the info, or whatever’s on your mind.

7) Tags – At the end of every article you’ll see “Tags”.  Tags are a way to organize the information at DHC by categories or what are called tags.  For example, you can see the Duck Hunting Tips Tag and see the info organized.

Coming Soon – Duck Hunting Chat forum will be getting a big overhaul, and it will flow into the current magazine site.  It’s currently being tested in Beta and I hope to have it released soon.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions – feel free to comment below.

Best of luck for those of you still in the field.  Unfortunately, our season is winding down.

Here’s an old video I did to get you in the mood for the upcoming spring snow goose season.

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