2's good enough?

Duck Hunting for puddlers like Mallards, Sprig (Pintails), Black ducks, Widgeons, Woodducks, Teal, and other ducks.

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2's good enough?

Postby knelson1821 » Thu Nov 17, 2005 7:05 pm

I have been useing 2's all season, with good result's I might add. Yesterday in the blind, was the best duck hunting ever,had them cupped at 35yds all morning then part of the afternoon, I am a pretty good shot at a duck.
We shot 14 times and dropped 7 mallard's, could only get to two before they got to the wave's.
we were hitting them hard and solid, I am wondering if the late season has made the little bugger's tougher.
I know for sure, I was hitting them because they would drop like a bag of rock's. Am I the only one who has ever experienced this before? :help:
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Postby Deadeye_youth » Thu Nov 17, 2005 7:09 pm

They should work just fine depending on which type of load your shooting I guess.
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Postby sc_countryboy26 » Thu Nov 17, 2005 7:31 pm

What do you mean before they got to the waves. You couldn't get them after they got to the waves.
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Postby knelson1821 » Thu Nov 17, 2005 7:34 pm

about a 50 mile wind, by the way we gave up on the duck's they were still trying to land in the decoy's when we were picking them up. "no need to kill them if you can't get em
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Postby Gooseboy » Thu Nov 17, 2005 8:53 pm

why the heck is this in the classifieds?
The group ended up with 420 birds.

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Postby ol' yeller » Fri Nov 18, 2005 7:36 am

The wind may be why you weren't dropping them dead. Wind will mess with your shot pattern.
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Postby h2ofwlr » Fri Nov 18, 2005 10:06 am

knelson1821 wrote: "no need to kill them if you can't get em

:pissed: So it took 5 lost birds to figure that out? Where was the dog or boat? Sounds like you were not properly prepared to retreive the birds. This is called 5 counts of wanton waste under Fed law. :thumbsdown:
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Postby flockrockr72 » Fri Nov 18, 2005 7:46 pm

I don't completely understand your post knelson. Did you shoot 7 ducks, and only retrieve 2. If so, that's probably something I wouldn't post up, especially since this is the classifieds. I hunted in 50 MPH winds last week and didn't seem to have any trouble getting my ducks. Say it aint so.
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Postby jjohnson_714 » Sun Nov 20, 2005 11:52 am

:withstupid: yeah please say you werent just letting ducks go to waste... that kinda stuff isnt cool.... :pissed: .... imo if you are going to take somethings life you better be eatin it
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Postby Mallard Machine » Tue Nov 22, 2005 2:51 pm

I use to shoot 2's but my buddy got me shooting BB now and man when u hit ducks they die pretty quick before the dog can get out to them. I mean u only need 2-3 bb's to take the bird down. So if i were you late in the season when the birds get a lil tougher i would try switching to BB i've had good luck with them late late i nthe season GOOD LUCK HUNTING!!
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