OK I think this is a good question

Duck Hunting for puddlers like Mallards, Sprig (Pintails), Black ducks, Widgeons, Woodducks, Teal, and other ducks.

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OK I think this is a good question

Postby CrackerJackShot » Fri Dec 16, 2005 10:01 pm

OK so Ive been wondering on this a while. This is about the relation to ducks and the weather. I KNOW that ducks come down on cold fronts from the north and all that jazz. BUT what about the WARM fronts that come up from the south?! This has been in theory for some time. Ive seen SOME things happen that would seem that would be the explanation. For instance. The temperature (Texas) being about 40 one day and seeing ducks. Then a warm front comes in then next day. NO DUCKS. ALSO, my gf and dad were hunting this past weekend and we saw woodies and mallards and widgeon, but NO teal. We have seen record numbers of teal this year. We both agreed that it was PROBABLY the cold weather (it dropping to about 15 at night). Over the day a warm front pushed up through texas and the following morning when I hunted with my gf most of our bag ended up consisting of teal. Anybody else have theories?! anybody else have like wise stories? Id be glad for anything!!
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Postby waterfowler82 » Fri Dec 16, 2005 10:47 pm

I hunt a very isolated patch of water that usually holds a decent number of ducks. What I've noticed is that they will move a lot more on colder days. Even from it being a warm Saturday to a cold Sunday, you'll see a lot more birds doing their duck thing on Sunday. I know that they haven't migrated too much overnight, so I'm assuming that it is the same birds as the day before, just more inclined to get up and move around more on the warmer day.
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Weather, or not??? Where are the ducks??

Postby Jay Jolicoeur » Sun Dec 18, 2005 8:00 pm

I have been having similar thoughts. I posted "Weather, or not??? Where are the ducks??". Take a look at it. I went out Friday and so no ducks in all directions when normally I see 100 to 200 ducks flying the edge of the river. We had been much cooler than it heated up, got over cast windy and rainy. Temperature dropped for half a day but it didn't get as cold. Went out same river tonight saw two ducks flying. The only reason I wore a jacket was the wind and rain. Not that cold. Maybe this goes with your theory.
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Postby Citori12 » Mon Dec 19, 2005 8:13 am

Ducks are creatures of nature. As weather patterns change so do they. In warm weather they may find a secure place and loaf enjoying the nice warm weather. In colder weather they get the urge to eat more and therefore fly more. Here in colorado when its warm and there is some open water in the middle of the big ponds the birds loaf there all day long and then towards night fly to feeding areas. In cold weather they have to eat constantly to keep their little bodies warm fed and happy. In heavy snow or rain or wind they do not like to fly as its difficult for them to negotiate that type of weather. They are also migratory so they frolic from place to place and as long as they are not harassed, shot at or otherwise put on a dinner plate alot of times they sleep during the day and feed at night.
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