the best decoy spread

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the best decoy spread

Postby 10 ga. » Wed Oct 27, 2004 8:50 am

whats the best decoy lay out, hooks, groups, and the rigging how do like it. I personly long line with znapz. just thought I would get something started.
10 ga.
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Postby Drew Willemsen » Wed Oct 27, 2004 8:55 pm

the best decoy lay out
When you say lay out, do you mean field or water???
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Postby whislewing » Sun Nov 14, 2004 8:12 pm

for Lards I put out a u shape pattern made up of pods, with my motion dekes or "special Teams" out by the honey hole. Adding more pods as season progresses

For Divers: a J hook seems to work the best for me.

Geese: well... about six in one little pod works for me where i hunt.
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Postby Trois_beaux_canards » Sun Jan 16, 2005 11:49 pm

Does it really matter which set-up you use for puddle ducks or divers? Is it by nature that ducks typically group themselves by a J or a U shaped spread? Or is this one fella's opinion to anothers?
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Postby h2ofwlr » Mon Jan 17, 2005 3:27 pm

Some say what you are saying TBC. But others say, and I am am with this crowd, that the art of decoying is attracting and the funnelling of birds to within good close shooting distances. As for the "J" it works plain and simple from my experience. They were talking J Hooks over 30 years ago and still are. And puddlers like to land in "holes" of the decoy spread. Thus the U works as does "pods" or family groups of ducks with space between them.

Very similar is duck calling---how often have you heard a Mallard give a high ball call? It is not natural, but it works to get their attention. How often have you seen a duck just hovering with its wings spinning? But it works when using a spinner. Decoying, calling, etc are attention getters to lure birds in-simple as that.
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Postby Mallyard » Mon Jan 17, 2005 5:06 pm

Exactly my thoughts H2o.........

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Postby SCoutdoorsman » Mon Jan 17, 2005 6:40 pm

The one that brings in my limit that day :yes:
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Postby big ben » Tue Jan 18, 2005 10:29 pm

Oh my favorite decoys spread is when the ducks are so thick it doen't matter how we put em out. Or when you can let ducks land in front of you they are good decoys.
I just throw a couple dozed to the right of my permanent blind and two more dozen on the right 30 yards inbetween both sets of decoys. I put geese out at 40 yards that way once they fly past the geese i know they are in range. Plus i get geese comin in to look, alot of which never made it south.
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