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Cheap Autos

Postby Duckhombre » Fri Dec 26, 2003 11:36 pm

Hey guys, I'm broke. And if any of y'all hunt like I do you are too. So I'm gonna do this experement for all of you. I just bought an EAA MP 153. It is an automatic 3 1/2 in mag. And best of all: ITS $270, yes, it is true. I've heard some good things about this gun from skeet shooters, but they don't need guns that can swim.
Anotther feller bought a Stoeger, these two guns represent the top selling auto's under $500
So this presents an opurtunity for a comparison. I hope the gentlman with the stoeger reports back.

Hers why I bought mine:
Price: 270-(300 signed seeled and delivered from CCDN investments)
3.5 Magnum-Ever since my 835 I've been addicted
No one has ever reported any malfuntions besides problems cycling 2 3/4 laods; this problem has been has been reported to disaper after 500 hundred rounds.
Many options: Barrel length;chokes;stocks

Problems: I can't afford perfect guns
Poor finish, has sharp edges, comes packed with terible greese, will not shoot properly until it has been totoaly torn down and rided of evil substance. DO NOT LEAVE ANY OF THIS CRAP IN THERE AT ALL!!!!
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Postby DUKHTR » Mon Dec 29, 2003 9:25 am

Is that a Baikal? MSRP is just over $400 - sounds like you got a good deal - I can deal with that as a new back-up to the back-up's back-up!!!!
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Take another look

Postby Duckhombre » Tue Dec 30, 2003 9:55 pm

Sir, the MSRP of the MP 153 may well be $400, but at CDNN investments I got mine for $270. Don't pay to much.

I recived it yesterday: It came with three chokes all "steel aproved."
It has this non-glare finish, a feature I like, but it sccratches easily.
The finish on the wood stock already rubbed off in some places(I've been using it heavily- appromaxatly 250-300 rounds so far) I recomend refinishing it immidiatly after recicing it. The wood is absolutly beutiful and has good flow of grain. Out of box it would shoot 2 3/4in lead loads with no problems, and anything with more power. Please make sure and adjust the spring if you plan to shoot 3 1/2in loads- damage could result.

It will even cylce the ultra light loads now- with proper adjustment.
Adjusting is incredibly simple: just remove the fore end cap and use the supplied wrench.

I am not a salesman! I just love this gun, and its price

You get way to much with far to little!
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