Beavertail Duck Boats?

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Beavertail Duck Boats?

Postby luie b » Wed Dec 05, 2012 7:16 pm

I'm thinking about getting one of these to hunt out of next year, looking at the final attack model and hunt out of it on Mississippi River backwater in the lillies and other water vegetation to hide my boat while I hunt out of it. Does anyone have any experiences with these boats? Are they very stable? How much room is in there for a 6'00 180 lb. guy? I'm looking at getting one to hunt the backwater like I said and probably hunt over just a few dozen decoys that I would tow in behind the boat on marsh sleds. Are these boats capable of having a trolling motor or something mounted on it? Thanks guys I'm really anxious for next season and this one ain't even over but I'll make sure I have watercraft of some sort for next season because the place to be killing ducks ain't on the small ponds most of the time unless there's lots of mallards and woodies around, haha.
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Re: Beavertail Duck Boats?

Postby Pond_Hopper » Wed Dec 05, 2012 9:20 pm

Hey don't have one of these boats but also want one. I have done lots of research and you can put a trolling motor on it, or up to a 3 HP motor I believe. Only negative thing about them is the square front, they are very hard to paddle so you have to have a motor. Post this in the boats forum above, or search that forum there's tons of info on the final attack. I have narrowed my new boat purchase to 3. Final attack, creek boats m80, or carsens puddle. Good luck
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Re: Beavertail Duck Boats?

Postby QuackQuack_DE » Wed Dec 19, 2012 12:35 am

I dont have the final attack, but I have the stealth 1200. Its a great little boat, very stable. You can stand and shoot from it with on problems. I have the motor mount and 2 hp honda on it. I use it for dropping in ditches and a river in our area and works great. I lay out in it with some decoys and just hunt like that.
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Re: Beavertail Duck Boats?

Postby reconcoupe » Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:33 pm

I would recommend the extra money for the Stealth 1200 for the extra room. But I've heard great things about the Final Attack as well. But for your overall buyer awareness here is my 2 cents on the 1200.

I have a stealth 1200, got it this season and used it a few times. Its very very very stable, to the point I freaked my wife out literally standing one the side and back of it. The 1200 will have enough room for you and another person, and about 1 dozen standard deeks but if you plan on hunting IN it, it might get alittle uncomfy, by yourself though plenty of room. Working the trolling/2 hp motor from the side mount they sell, the 1200 and 2000 is a pain though, the boat wants to go sideways and in shallow water I have to shorten the trolling motor shaft and then I can't turn left cause the prop hits the side of the boat. Also paddling is a pain with a motor mounted cause you have to reach way over the motor to paddle right side. Without the motor...well its harder to paddle then a canoe, you pay for that due to the stability best I can figure.

There are a few alternatives to the standard side mount though. Many people simply make a rear mount that fits in the handle area outta a few nuts and bolts and 2x4's cut to size. Have seen people running 6 hp mud motors off of it to. I don't know how well that will work for you hauling a sled or anything like that. Just remember, its still a "sneak" boat.

Storage is great, I have a place for my gun, my thermos, my wife, 4 dozen inflatable decoys in a duffle bag , a battery, extra shells, paddles, camo net and various other tools of the trade. How ever the front and back hatch's aren't as water proof as they should be specially running cables for the battery (I don't like it under my knees).

Overall, I wise I had a big boat for hunting the lake, but for what it is I'd rate it a solid 7, that thing is sturdy, stable and a example of what most american products (and many over-sea's for that matter) no longer are, SOLID.

Also, it is heavy, so don't plan on packing it on your back 100 meters like you can a canoe. I suppose a set of kayak wheels/hauler would work but I prefer to find a place to "launch" it.

I don't have the blind set up for it, so I don't know how that would work for you or interfere with it being a boat in the first place.

Comparatively the Final Attack will have less room, storage, rear mount for the motor and I can't comment on the stability. However it does have wheels, though many have said the suck and won't roll over anything but pavement. And it is lighter, but you'll be SOL the next time you wanna take a buddy with you to your favorite marsh since its a one man boat.

Hope my mini review helps.
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