Roost/Feed pond TIME TO HUNT IT?

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Roost/Feed pond TIME TO HUNT IT?

Postby waubamikrider » Wed Dec 19, 2012 9:42 am

Good day all. I need some opinions. on this one.

Me and my hunting group found a honey hole. I'm in southern Ontario region, and recent warm spell has opened the ponds back up. Most were 90% froze up until a week ago.

We got permission on a new property. There is a pond on this property holding hundreds to thousands of Mallards. These mallards are there any time of the day we check it. This is not exclusively a roost pond. Birds come in at first light in the morning, come in through out the day and then pour in, in the afternoon right up until just past LST.

We are going to likely have a blast of a shoot this Saturday, no question. However, given the holidays we could hunt this for several days. So I'm not sure what to do.

Do I hunt near it trying not to bust them out of the roost?
Do I say screw it and hunt it, as its likely to freeze up within days putting the birds out anyway?(but only shoot our limit and sneak out as fast as possible)
I'm going to scare them out when going there in the morning to setup, so do I wait till mid morning?
-But they will be there in the mid morning too, so I'll scare em out anyway, anytime I go in.

Luckily very close by there is a river that will stay open well past the season closes, so the area should hold birds till the end of the season (Jan 7th)

As of right now I'm thinking of hunting the morning until we shoot our limit (knock on wood) then moving to a near by grass field to try to shoot a limit of geese too. (also lots near by)

I've read both sides. Don't hunt a roost in the morning, don't hunt it at night...

I'm hoping by me scaring them out while setting up in the morning, they might come back through the day. I wont "jump" shoot it in the morning of course, cause that would scare them all out and likely not come back. When we scouted it last night we walked in about 1 -1.5 hours before LST, scared 90% of the mallards out. within the 1.5 hours tons poured back in. I assume most that left came back. The following morning there were hundreds in there and I watched flock after flock pour in at first light on top of the hundreds that were already there, from the direction of a great lake near by.

Sorry if you can feel my boner from there. :oops: .... :lol3: But I haven't had a potential spot like this in... a long time. Geese we hammer. Ducks not so much.

Give me your opinion, all feedback welcome.
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Re: Roost/Feed pond TIME TO HUNT IT?

Postby SGT Greenhead » Fri Dec 21, 2012 1:30 pm

I had a spot like that once. we always set up at the usual first light and really only shot at birds that we knew we could kill. I set up 300 yds away from the roost with about a doz decoys and a jerk string. It didn't pull all the birds but we did pull enough pairs and small groups to kill limits without crouding out the Roost spot. Be picky with your shots and let the birds work so you don't educate too many of them.
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