Planting duck food

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Planting duck food

Postby slammingmallards69 » Sat Dec 22, 2012 2:36 pm

I'm just going to start off saying I have no idea what to do about planting food for ducks! Can someone tell me what plants to plant? I have a 4 acre shallow pond that usually produces some ducks but I'm looking to increase it. Any help at all would be apprectiated
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Re: Planting duck food

Postby Ringneck1986 » Sat Dec 22, 2012 10:16 pm

Cultivated Crops for Ducks

Corn and sorghum are good crops for clearings in green tree reservoirs or for open manmade ponds. Drain pond in early spring. Choose varieties of the correct height for the depth of the flooding. Plan to have ears or seed heads within 10 inches of the water's surface. Plant the best varieties and cultivate and fertilize as recommended for high production in your area. Follow normal procedures for planting, tillage, and fertilization. In the fall before ducks arrive re-flood to a depth that allows ducks easy access to grain. See Figure 4.

Figure 4: Crops for ducks.

Japanese millet is a good choice for lands too wet for corn or sorghum. It is an improved variety of wild barnyard grass adapted to wet soils and requires no soil preparation or care. Maturation time is 75-110 days, depending on the variety.

The following plan should produce a good crop. Lower the water level in July. Broadcast Japanese millet seed at a rate of 20 lbs/acre immediately after mud is exposed. Fertilizing with 500 lbs. of 5-10-10 per acre will greatly increase seed production. Raise the water level slowly in October. Eighteen inches is an ideal depth. Avoid submerging plants completely unless large numbers of blackbirds attack the crop. In this case flood the crop completely until the waterfowl season starts so small birds cannot get the seed. Lower the water to expose the seed when ducks arrive. See Figure 5.
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Re: Planting duck food

Postby rebelp74 » Sun Dec 23, 2012 12:02 am

Millet works really good and re-seeds every year.
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