Woodduck feeding habits / scouting

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Woodduck feeding habits / scouting

Postby Dixiedog78 » Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:51 am

I have been scouting for Woodies at our nearby WMA and we have had a few good shoots but they are starting to get sparse. I am starting to expand my scouting area and have a few questions. When woodies fly off the roost do they tend to stay in the same pond and feed all day? Considering they are not disturbed.... or will they fly to and tomultiple ponds during the day? I am scouting in the afternoons and have been to many excellent looking woodies holes/ponds and I have seen very few birds. If there are not any birds in the ponds during the afternoon is there any possibility they could fly in during the morning and leave at somepoint to go to another pond, considering they were not disturbed? Or no birds in the afternoon mean that there will be no birds there in the morning? Are scouting for roosting ponds helpful? I know where a roosting pond is but they fly out by legal shooting time and they fly in the afternoons after legal shooting times so knowing where the roosting is doesn't seem to be helpful...any advise would be greatly appricated.

For you guys that have found a woodie hole, how often do you shoot it? I have heard no more than once a week...is that too often?

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Re: Woodduck feeding habits / scouting

Postby rebelp74 » Wed Jan 09, 2013 4:26 pm

Just about any bayou or water that has acorn or pecan trees on it will usually have wood ducks. Contrary to popular belief wood ducks respond to calls and decoys very well, if done right. Try not to go to the same spot each time. You will kill them out, spook them away from the hole, or they will become wary of a hunter in the area. Wood ducks generally go to spot and stay in the general area all day as long as there is an adequate food supply. They also like to feed on the bank where there are more acorns or pecans. The best way that I found to decoy them is to put a few woody decoys out in the middle of the body of water, so they are visible to birds flying by. I put these on a jerk cord. When I see or hear them flying I give jerk cord a tug to get the water moving then do a few woody calls. I use a duck commander or haydels woody call. IMO the woody call is the only good call that dc makes. It will make all of the sounds a wood duck makes. Don't do the squeal sound that woodies do when flying. Go to youtube and check out some wood duck calling videos to get the types of sounds to make. There is a duck commander video on there that will show you them.
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Re: Woodduck feeding habits / scouting

Postby krazybronco2 » Thu Jan 10, 2013 8:57 am

we learned quickly that if you are near the roost mojos dont work they will flair the birds but like stated above a few decoys in the middle and then a few around the edges of the bank or near any cover so it looks like a few just landed and the rest are out feeding or resting. also later in the season try and pair up the drakes and hens to look more natural.
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