Cool story first pintail "revised"

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Cool story first pintail "revised"

Postby ARduckboy24 » Mon Feb 04, 2013 7:27 pm

We hunted a hole deep in the timber saturday morning. We had a walk of about .75 mile after driving as far as we could. The ducks worked pretty well and the four boys managed to get 13 mallards. While working several birds, we heard pintails. Sure enough a group of five pintails swung around and started working the hole. On about the fourth pass, a mallard drake cut in front of them and dropped into the hole. The pintails came in right on his tail feathers. When the pintails started to backpedal to sit down the boys cut loose. They killed two drakes and one hen and also got the mallard drake and a mallard hen. The pintail drake was one of my 12 year old sons' bucket list ducks and he was the first to shoot and drop the first drake. He is so excited and I have another bird to take to the taxidermist. It was a great morning and those boys got to see something that hundreds of seasoned duckhunters have never seen. Memories that we will never forget for sure. My dads story.
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