Building a blind- need advice

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Building a blind- need advice

Postby Ken W » Tue Sep 12, 2006 8:55 am

Building a blind on a small pond and want some advice. 20- 40' of grass, catails around the water so the blind will be in the middle of this. The water level came up a lot last year after a heavy rain so I may need to be able to move it. I want something simple, a floor and some sides I can brush up with catails.

Treated wood, untreated wood? Frame the floor in 2 x 6" and plywood, 2 x 4"'s ? Put something under it to help it float if need be?

How big for 3 guys and a dog?

I was thinking just 2 x 4's for a small frame underneath. Treated plywood and a frame to hold the grass. I saw someone used PVC for this? Then if the water rises drag the thing back?
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Postby Duck Runner » Tue Sep 12, 2006 5:03 pm

Are you hunting from ground now? How high does the water rise? You could always use U bolts around poles to allow the blind to rise and lower with the water level.
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Postby Coot Man » Mon Sep 18, 2006 3:32 pm

Try some pallets setting side by side. Use as many as you need to make the blind comfortable for you and your buddies and the dog. Lay a some plyboard on your pallets and then grab you some T post from a hardware store, along with some chicken wire to go around the pallets. You can then use cattails and reeds to feed through your chicken wire. You can even cut you out a dog door if you choose. Very versitle if water rises or lowers, pull your T-posts and drag to new desired area.
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Postby The Cat Island Drake » Mon Sep 18, 2006 4:08 pm

If you got money to spend buy styrofam to make your blind float. But if don't, like most of us I use 55 gallon drums under the blind. They work great I use them on my blind's. Don't forget if you use them get some I bolts and rope or binding straps to secure the drums.
Your frame sounds good. I would use Treated wood. I make a railing for my boat or ground blinds then I get chicken wire on the sides and either tie on or stuff it thick with grass in the wire. :thumbsup:
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