Duck Blinds

Duck Hunting for puddlers like Mallards, Sprig (Pintails), Black ducks, Widgeons, Woodducks, Teal, and other ducks.

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Duck Blinds

Postby Stubby_319 » Fri Nov 01, 2013 8:28 am

Im planning on building a permanent duck blind for a decent sized swamp that i hunt, we own half of the shoreline and we do not know who owns the other shoreline. im planning on recording the wind and temperature and where on the swamp i hunt all 2013 fall waterfowl season so i know where to put it. all i was to know is how i should build it, im planning on having any where from 1-3 shooters and one dog. I have an idea of how big i want it, i was thinking about 6x8 or 6x9 with the door in the back but i dont know how to place it in the swamp, i want it water level so its in the cat tails. i would like to see some examples or plans to build one. anything will help I'm planning to build it over the winter after season and use it as a project for my agriculture class. Thanks!!
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Re: Duck Blinds

Postby duckstruck » Fri Nov 01, 2013 6:32 pm

Check this one out its pretty fancy. ... ost1500619

We have taken some light weight shipping crates and driven some posts into the swamp and grassed them up worked pretty good. Kind of something like these. You can scroll forward and backwards.

Good luck
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Re: Duck Blinds

Postby aunt betty » Mon Nov 04, 2013 4:59 am

Fall is over in a little over six weeks.
Winter starts Dec. 21ish.
Hurry up.
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