Low Water Issues

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Low Water Issues

Postby Creekmonster » Thu Nov 28, 2013 6:29 pm

So me and my buddy decided to get out early this morning since it was opening day and hit a spot that we tried to get to all last season. Its an island in a small cove facing the river, and the water surrounding it is very shallow. We managed to get there this morning but there was 30+ yards of mud between the water and the closest shrub/tree. Once we got the dekes out in at least shin deep water it was more like 40yards. So we ended up driving two large sticks in the mud next to a sunken log halfway between the trees and the water, flipping the boat over, leaning it on the sticks( 45 degree angle), and covering it with burlap and natural vegetation so it looked like a hedge with us sitting behind it. The ducks worked our spread all morning but they would cup up just out of range, which i figured was due to us being a random hedge out in the middle of a bunch of mud. I wont shoot at a bird that i know i can't drop so we packed up and left. My question:This is a good spot with lots of fowl traffic and on public land those are hard to come by so what would yall do to make this long beach a huntable location?
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