haviing troulbes with setup

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haviing troulbes with setup

Postby damnit_deke » Tue Mar 08, 2005 10:00 am

i been having troubles with my setup i use abuot 2 doz mallards a dozen pintails and a dozen canada floaters .ive tried many different spreads but the birds just dont want to commit to the spread my calling is good ivecalled birds in from along ways away but it seems they always want to flare away i do really well in the feild but not on the water ineed some help or info to work this problem out . the area im in is 3ft of water and flooded cattails i use box blinds that r well concealed by the cattails iscout the birds every evening and the birds usually r sitting near or by one of my blinds what can i do please help
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Postby SwampHunter » Tue Mar 08, 2005 11:52 am

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Postby shrpshtr » Tue Mar 08, 2005 11:53 am

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Postby big_countryks » Tue Mar 08, 2005 1:42 pm

If the birds are already going there, try using less decoys. Worth a shot anyway.
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Postby Quackcephus » Wed Mar 09, 2005 8:01 pm

I bet they're seein' sumpin' that appears unatrual to them... you might camo your face & try a jerk string. :thumbsup:
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Postby Greg Wile » Sat Mar 26, 2005 8:02 pm

If the ducks are used to going there when there are no decoys present then go and don't put any decoys out and don't call just sit and wait. They may be flairing because there is little or no movement in your spread. Are there geese present when the ducks are there? We hunt a spot where both geese and ducks frequent but they are separated by several hundred yards and do not mingle so may be your goose decoys are causing the ducks to flare or vise versa.
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Postby duckdog » Sat Mar 26, 2005 11:59 pm

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Postby vikingsfan » Sun Mar 27, 2005 8:26 pm

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Postby Fowlercon » Sat Apr 23, 2005 7:45 pm

call at their ass, not the beak. If at all. Take three decoys if you have to. Cover your blind again. Cover your face. Ocationally muck up the water as if feeding duck have been present.
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Postby 98ramtough » Sun Apr 24, 2005 8:24 pm

Somedays you just have to keep adjusting stuff. Push your spread out further, bring it in. Make it smaller, make it bigger.

I was on a hunt the last week of the season and birds were coming in like crazy, they just would not finish. A guy on the site here named fishranger and I were out in the decoys probably over 50 times adjusting, setting up different jerk decoys etc. Finally after two and half hours they started commiting. We all limited. If the birds are not finishing, just change it up, keep changing it until they commit.

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