The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby marsh water » Sun May 25, 2014 5:44 pm

there are a lot of new call makers out there right now. everyone with a lathe over the age of 10 and has watched a season of duck dynasty is a custom call maker. I started making calls in the summer of 2012 and joined a couple of call forums and ccaa. I went through the members list. Holy cow! There are a lot of barrel makers that turn piece of wood and put a echo insert in it and presto!! there's another custom call. some of the makers now are making some incredible looking calls. Ron Gould of Goulds custom bands won the ccaa contest best of show this yr. (2014) I have watched Jim Dester, Mike Houlihan and some of the call makers that have won everything for yrs, but Rons call this yr. is incredible. If you get a chance to go to the ccaa home page, look at his call. wow. Aaron Wingert makes probably the prettiest duck whistle I have seen. Simmons calls are one of the great looking calls. My point is you can make a great looking call, but if it dont sound like a duck its just a piece of wood with a hole in it. I make my own inserts and have started getting to like the sound I have. My calls are (EDITED). We here in Texas have had a yrs long drought and I was singing ''I'm dreaming of a white Christmas'' one yr and it just came out (EDITED) I am thinking of changing it to marsh water calls so I dont have to explain the (EDITED) name no more. I have sold calls at cabelas in front of the call rack and had more than one guy buy one and take a name brand call off his lanyard and throw it in the back seat. My wife carves and she received the merit award for new call makers at the fancy call contest this yr in Ill. I make the calls and she carves them. I will be posting some pics later. 'But just saying there are call makers that can keep up with rnt or anyother calls out there if you look hard enough.
marsh water
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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby Rick Hall » Sun May 25, 2014 6:15 pm

marsh water wrote:'But just saying there are call makers that can keep up with rnt or anyother calls out there if you look hard enough.

A lot of us are listening, rather than looking. "Just saying."
If you think I'm wrong, you might be right.
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Rick Hall
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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby marsh water » Mon May 26, 2014 5:51 am

when I first started duck hunting, I used a chick majors ''dixie mallard'' call. A friend of mine said it was the best call out there. It did sound good. I got into it pretty much like everything else, both feet up to my chin. I had hunted quail before and never thought of ducks till a friend came by and offered me a lab for 50 bucks. Long story short I got her and thought well, I should hunt ducks now. I sold my kennel of brittanys, bought a duck gun and have never looked back. First yr., 3 ducks. But I was hooked. Entered the first contest, N.C. state open. Bout halfway through, my call broke. Bad. I finished somewhere around 4 th or so and learned a great deal. 2 Butch Richenbak(rnt now) took 2nd and 3rd. 1st was a guy that drove up in a Cadi, expensive leather shoes, silk shirt, and nice leather sport coat. He blew us away. No one was close. I looked at his call and it was signed"Good luck from uncle Chick". After that I had many calls. Wish I had kept the chick calls. expensive now. Eli Hadel, sure shot(Jim Fernandez), etc. I called for some of them at game shows, etc. I met and hunted with a couple of cajuns that used Olt old style keyhole cut downs. I usually wouldnt take my call out when they were around. Those calls screamed. High pitched and LOUD. Man they killed a lot of ducks. The raspy calls now are good, but high pitched reaches further. Most calls made today are better than most of the old calls were. There is a 13 yr old kid on another site that is making a killer call. Inserts and all.And a 18 yr old took first place carving decoys that made my mouth water. Age doesnt have a lot to do with ability. Just a natural gift. I was training bird dogs for a friend of my dads when I was 12. didnt know beans, but got it trained. So some of the kids making calls today are better than I am and I wonder when they are my age just how good they will be. I know or know of some of the guys on the list here. Some can call, some cant but they are all call makers and after doing it for awhile, I respect anyone that can stick with this very long. I was recently contacted by the manager of Cabelas here to do some calls for store gifts and corporate gifts and prizes. I was flattered, but still havent made up my mind if I want to do it. Crazy, huh?
marsh water
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The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby MaritimeAirRaid » Mon May 26, 2014 9:00 pm

ImageFearless Calls of Virginia

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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby FowlWifey » Sun Jun 08, 2014 9:20 pm

I agree with using Ducklander calls - they have been the best that my husband and I have used.
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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby Docholliday » Sun Jun 29, 2014 7:33 pm

Here is a list...

187 Calls Windsor, ON CAN

Acme Whistles Birmingham, UK United Kingdom

Acoustic Duck Calls Monette, AR USA

Addicted Goose Calls Wichita , KS USA

Addiction Calls Benton, MO USA

Allan Stanley Game Calls Dover, DE USA

Allen Bliven Calls Sneads Ferry, NC USA

Allen Bliven Calls , NC USA

Anatra Hunting Company Concord, CA USA

Ann River Calls Mora, MN USA

Ansley Calls , TN USA

Arkie Calls Maumelle, AR USA

Arkie Mallard Custom Calls Arkadelphia, AR USA

Art Beauchamp Game Call Company Flint, MI USA

Atlantic Flyway Calls Hanover, PA USA

B&B Elite Outfitters Goose Calls Somewhere, IL USA

B.J. Fontenot Lake Charles, LA USA

Back Water Game Calls Springdale, AR USA

Bad Boy Calls Dewey, IL USA

Bag Limit Calls Greenwood, MS USA

Band-It Custom Calls North Little Rock, AR USA

Banfield's Best Duck Calls Harrison, AR USA

Basin Abomination Goose Calls Klamath Falls, OR USA

Basin Waterfowl Calls Klamath Falls, OR USA

Bass Pro Shops Nashville, TN USA

Bay Country Calls Quantico, MD USA

Bays Call Pearland, TX USA

Bernie Boyle Championship Calls Danville, IA USA

Bettis Custom Calls Pine Grove, PA USA

Betts Championship Calls Rogers, AR USA

Big Buys Best Foiles Migrators Inc Pittsfield, IL USA

Big Guy's Best Duck Calls Kansas City, MO USA

Big Lake Calls Burnett, TX USA

Big Lake Duck Calls Elloree, SC USA

Big R Calls Providence, KY USA

Big River Game Calls , MO USA

Big Timber Calls Hot Springs, AR USA

Bigmouth Calls , KS USA

Bill Saunders Calls & Gear Kennewick, WA USA

Bio Game Calls Westminster, CA USA

Black Creek Game Calls Canastota, NY USA

Black Jack Duck Calls Knoxville, TN USA

Black Ops Duck Calls Benton, AR USA

Black Swamp Special Augusta, AR USA

Black Timber Calls Millington, MD USA

Black Water Calls , NC

Black Water Calls Garner, NC USA

Blackland Custom Calls Royse City, TX USA


Bluegrass Game Calls Louisville, KY USA

Bobby Smith's Custom Duck and Goose Calls Watertown, TN USA

Bog Pettibon Calls Deerfield, MO USA

Bottoms Up Game Calls Ocean City, MD USA

Browning Hammerdown Calls Salt Lake City, UT USA

Browns Waterfowl Calls Middleton, ID USA

Butte Creek Custom Calls Chico, CA USA

C & H Custom Horns and Hardwoods Centerview, MO USA

C Dubb's Custom Calls Hermiston, OR USA

C&S Custom Calls Zumbrota, MN USA

Cabela's Sidney, NE USA

Cache River Duckall Fine Custom Duck Calls Clarendon, AR USA

Cackalack Calls Wake Forest, NC USA

Cadence Duck Calls Buna, TX USA

Calef Calls Palo, IA USA

Callers For Christ Bothell, WA USA

Callers Supply Pacific Junction, IA USA

Caney River Custom Calls , OK USA

Cape Calls Park Corner, PA Canada

Capital Waterfowliing Perth, ON CAN

Carlson Championship Calls Omaha, NE USA

Casey's Calls Granville, IL USA

Central Flyway Game Calls Beaver Crossing, NE USA

Chamberlin Calls St. Simons Island, GA USA

Champion Game Calls Beaumont, TX USA

Charlie's Custom Calls Hamilton, MO USA

Chasing Feathers Game Calls South Central, IN USA

Chick Majors Calls Stuttgart, AR USA

Chico Gliding to Die Chico, CA USA

Chien Caille Cajun Calls Gueydan, LA USA

Coim Calls Boise, ID USA

Cold Front Calls Edwardsburg, MI USA

Colier Custom Calls Paducah, KY USA

Corey Ganser's Freestyle Calls Sauk Rapids, MN USA

Crackling Mallard Duck Calls Hermitage, TN USA

Creekside Custom Calls Willard, NC USA

Crooked Slough Calls Ballwin, MO USA

Crooks Bros. Game Calls Monroe, LA USA

Crossland Game Calls Brookhaven, MS USA

Crouse Brothers Customer Duck and Goose Calls Fort Dodge, IA USA

Custom Calls and Waterfowl Carvings Racine, WI USA

CUT EM Gainseville, VA USA

Cutt Down Game Calls Athens, TX USA

Dakota Decoy Company Vermillion, SD USA

Dale Fleming Calls Chillicothe, IL USA

Darkwing Custom Calls Clarksville, TN USA

Deadicated Goose Calls Goose Lake, IA USA

Deadlock Calls Burley, ID USA

Death By Design Calls Cannelburg, IN USA

Debander Goose Calls Chandler , IN USA

Deep Timber Sounds Starkey, OR USA

DeepWoods Duck Calls Northeast, AR USA

Deer Valley Calls Antioch, CA USA

Delta Waterfowl Supplies Benicia, CA USA

Devastator Game Calls Clarkson, KY USA

Diablo Calls Louisville, IN USA

Dirty Joe Duck Calls Marion, IL USA

Dive Bomber Calls West Frankfort, IL USA

Dixie Land Calls Guntersville, AL USA

DJ Illinois River Valley Calls S. Pekin, IL USA

DOA Game Calls , MO USA

Doc Calls Lincoln, NE USA

Double Duck Duck Calls Mt. Pleasant, TX USA

Double G Game Calls Waterloo, IL USA

Down-N-Dirty Custom Game Calls Corvallis, OR USA

Duck Commander Calhoun, LA USA

Duck Deception Tyler, TX USA

Duck Hollers Huntsville, AL USA

Duck Hollers Huntsville, AL USA Arabi, LA USA

Ducklander Calls Olathe, KS USA

Duckman Duck Calls , NM USA

Duckmans Custom Duck Calls Albuquerque, NM USA

Duckwild Calls Sneads, FL USA

Dunn Callin Game Calls Russellville, AR USA

Dusty Simon Speck Calls , LA USA

Eames Custom Calls Dallas, OR USA

East Coast Calls Cornwall, PE Canada

East Coast Calls Oley, PA USA

Eddie Cribb Calls Florence, SC USA

Edge Duck Calls Stockton, CA USA

ELNCalls Burton, MI USA

Els' Game Calls Coatesville, PA USA

Fat Lady Game Calls Geismar, LA USA

Fatal Approach Texarkana, TX USA

Fatal Limit Calls Morocco, IN USA

Faulks Calls , AL USA

Fearless Calls Stafford, VA USA

Feather Duster Calls East Grand Forks, MN USA

Feathered Frequency Stuttgart, AR USA

Feet-Down Duck Calls Benton, AR USA

Ferguson Custom Calls Evansville, IN USA

Field P:roven Calls Westport, KY USA

Field Proven Calls LaGrange, KY USA

Final Descent Duck Calls Valparaiso, IN USA

Final Flight Outfitters Union CIty, TN USA

Final Glide , PA USA

Flaherty Game Calls Rochester, NY USA

Flambeau Calls , AL

Flambeau Outdoors Middlefield, OH USA

Flextone Game Calls Starkville, MS USA

Flextone Game Calls Broussard, LA USA

Flooded Timber Calls Jonesboro, AR USA

Flying Aces Duck Calls Tyler, TX USA

Flyway Custom Twin Cities, MN USA

FNA Custom Calls Ashdown, AR USA

Foggy Bottom Calls Oologah, OK USA

Foiles Migrators, Inc. Pittsfield, IL USA

Folded Wing Outdoors Hopkinsville, KY USA

Foster Calls Iliff, CO USA

Fowl Enemies Grand Ridge, IL

Fowl Justice Custom Calls Penrose, CO USA

Fowl Language Duck Calls Oswego, IL USA

Fowl Limit Custom Calls Crown Point, IN USA

Fowl Mouth Calls , AR USA

Fowl Music Game Calls Yuba City, CA USA

Fowl Obsession Duck and Goose Calls Grafton, IL USA

Fowl University Bryant, SD USA

Fowl Weather Custom Calls Homedale, ID USA

Fox & Pfortmiller Custom Calls Ellinwood, KS USA

Fulton County Outdoors Custom Calls Peoria, IL USA

Gadus Duck Calls Oregon, OH USA

Gambler Game Calls , WI USA

Gander Mountain #390 Paducah Ky Paducah, KY USA

Gander Valley Custom Calls , CO USA

Gander Zone Calls Green Bay , WI USA

Gaston Custom Calls Thomasville, AL USA

GHO Game Calls Louisville, KS USA

Gibson Custom Calls Rutherfordton, NC USA

Giden Custom Calls Hartselle, AL USA

GK Calls Ferndale, MI USA

Glynn Scobey Calls Newbern, TN USA

Goey Hunting Calls Oley, PA USA

Goose Gang Calls Pardeeville, WI USA

Goose Noose , AL USA

GooseDown Game Calls Caseyville, IL USA

Grassy Creek Game Calls Ewing, MO USA

Greg Keats Custom Calls Rockville, MD USA

Gulf Coast Lanyards Spring, TX USA

Gumbo Calls Bernie, MO USA

Gumbo Duck Calls Risco, MO USA

Hambone Calls Lonoke, AR USA

Hammer Time Duck and Goose Calls Muscatine, IA USA

Hammond Game Calls Fruitlands, - NZL

Hann Made Calls, LLC Clinton, MO USA

Harred Calls Burlington, KS USA

Havoc Calls Ethel, AR USA

Haydel Calls Bossier City, LA USA

Hayes Custom Calls Havana, IL USA

Headcrusher Calls Southhaven, MS USA

Heartland Custom Calls Watertown, SD USA

Heidelbauer Calls Sioux Center, SD USA

Heritage Calls Louisburg, KS USA

Hess Calls , KY USA

Hi-Bal , TX USA

Hi-Bal Baytown, TX USA

Hillwoods Custom Calls Union City, TN USA

Hoo-Hoo Calls Amory, MS USA

Hoodwink Game Calls Clarksdale, MS USA

Hunter Calls Baltimore, MD USA

Hunter's Specialties Cedar Rapids, IA USA

Illinois River Valley Calls , IL USA

Illusion Calls Rochester, MN USA

Insane Custom Calls Boaz, AL USA

Intimidator Calls Greenville, MI USA

Ireland Game Calls Easton, MD USA

Iverson Duck Calls Dallas, TX USA

J.A. Kolter Calls Cedar Rapids, IA USA

J.J. Lares Co. Duck & Goose Calls Chico, CA USA

Jack Lundy Calls Florence, SC USA

Jake's Calls Bloomington, MN USA

James Meyers Custom Calls Sulphur, LA USA

James Myers Custom Calls Sulphur, LA USA

JB Custom Calls MontBellvieu, TX USA

JBC Outdoors Bellbrook, OH USA

JEG Calls Manhattan, KS USA

Jim Ludwig Calls Decatur, IL USA

Joe Carey Calls Grafton, IL USA

Joe Carey Calls Grafton, IL USA

Johnny Marsh Duck & Goose Calls Somewhere, TN USA

Jones Calls Bend, OR USA

JRG Calls Lebanon, TN USA

Just-Killin_time Custom Duck and Goose calls Bartlett, IL USA

Keechi Game Calls Centerville, TX USA

Kelly's Kall's Wichita, KS USA

Ken Jones Duck Calls Hornbeak, TN USA

KES Waterfowlers Custom Calls Hilliard, OH USA

Keystone Custom Game Calls Bainbridge, PA USA

Killer kallz Batesville , AR USA

Klear Majic Calls , LA USA

Knight & Hale Hunting Game Calls Cadiz, KY USA

Knotty Pine Game Calls Jefferson, WI USA

Knutson's Duck Calls Brooklyn, MI USA

Kodiak Custom Calls Ogden, UT USA

Kopp Calls Inc. Manchester , PA USA

Kum Duck Calls Reckreall, OR USA

Kwack Wacker Searcy, AR USA


L'Anguille River Retrievers Colt, AR USA

Landing Zone Calls Kalamazoo, MI USA

Lannom Call Company Herrin, IL USA

Lausman Calls Owenton, KY USA

Lawson Custom Wildlife Calls & Hunting Products Anderson, IN USA

Legacy Outdoor Sports Grain Valley, MO USA

Let Em Lite Calls Benton, KY USA

LetEmWork Custom Calls Jerseyville, IL USA

Lews Calls Richmond, MN USA

Lil' Lake Outdoors Jena, LA USA

Lisella Calls Summit Hill, PA USA

Lodge Creek Calls Archdale, NC USA

Lohman Game Calls Fox Lake, WI USA

Lucky Dog Calls Moravia, IA USA

Lynch Mob Calls Erie, MI USA

Lynch Mob Calls Erie, MI USA

Mac Island Calls Superior, NE USA

Macks Prairie Wings Stuttgart, AR USA

Mallard Master Jonesville, LA USA

MallardTone Duck Calls Port Matilda, PA USA

Marsh Hunter Custom Calls Palestine, TX USA

Marsh Master Custom Duck Calls Lebanon, MO USA

Masterson Calls Olive Branch, IL USA

Matthews Custom Calls and Pens Texarkana, AR USA

Mayday Custom Calls Decatur, AL USA

Mick Lacy Game Calls Princeville, IL USA

Mike McLemore Calls Huntingdon, TN USA

Miss Mallard Custom Duck Calls Brandon, MS USA

Mosley's Custom Calls Kuna, ID USA

Mother Clucker by Loos Outdoors Lincoln, NE USA

Muddy Dog Outdoors Brownstown, MI USA


Murf's Mallard Hand Crafted Calls Sutter, CA USA

New Era Calls ABQ, NM USA

North Bay Game Calls Erie, PA USA

Nuisance Waterfowl Products Franklin, PA USA

Oak Ridge Game Calls , NY USA

Olt Calls , IL USA

Olt Calls Pekin, IL USA

Orion Calls Plano, IL USA

Otter Game Calls Oakville, IA USA

Outcast Waterfowl Tabor City, NC USA

OutKast Calls , AL USA

Outlaw Calls Granite Bay, CA USA

P.T. Tulley Juliaetta, ID USA

Pacific Flyway Company Elk Grove, CA USA

Pappys Calls New Madrid, MO USA

Performance Calls Shakopee, MN USA

Petty Game Calls Sulphur, LA USA

Phobia Calls West Monroe, LA USA

Pioneer Game Calls Lewisberry, PA USA

Prairie Game Calls Channahon, IL USA

Precision Calls ProStaff Minden, NV USA

Premium Game Calls Dierks, AR USA

Primos Hunting Calls Flora, MS USA

Primos Hunting Calls Flora, MS USA

Prototype Call , TX USA

Pure Nasty Game Calls Columbia, MO USA

PureDuck Calls Oran, MO USA

Quacker Attacker Custom Calls Hamilton, MI USA

Quacker Boy Duck Calls Orchard Park, NY USA

QuackHead Calls Stuttgart, AR USA

Quacky Calls Greenville, NC USA

Quaker Boy Game Calls Orchard Park, NY USA

Quick Custom Calls , NE USA

Quick Limit Calls West Bend, WI USA

Rack'Em Calls Cheraw, SC USA

Rainman Calls Herrin, IL USA

Randy Gordon Comer, GA USA

Ray Wright Calls , IN USA

RD Game Calls Melba, ID USA

Real Calls Marion, IL USA

Red Bone Call Co. Hemphill, TX USA

Redbone Custom Calls Hemphill, TX USA

Redemption Calls Elizabethtown, PA USA

Reel-Timbre Sikeston, MO USA

Refuge Calls , AR USA

Reid Threadgill Custom Calls Lexington, TN USA

Revolution Game Calls Riverside, TX USA

Riceland Custom Calls Sulphur, LA USA

Rich Stevenson Custom Calls , KS USA

Rick Hahne Calls , MO USA

RIP Calls Dike, IA USA

RIP Customer Calls Dike, IA USA

River Bottom Calls Chandlerville, IL USA

River Folks Calls Roseburg, OR USA

River Forks Calls , OR

River Mallard Custom Calls Cedar Rapids, IA USA

RM Custom Calls New London, NC USA

Rolling Thunder Game Calls Somerville, TN USA

Rowdy D.O.A. Call Company Sedalia, MO USA

Roy Rhodes Championship Calls West Milton, OH USA

S2 Calls Scappoose, OR USA

Samuel Game Calls London, ON CAN

Schexnider Calls , LA USA

Schultz Game Calls Bismark, IL USA

Schultz Game Calls Bismarck, IL USA

Scott Fisher Calls St. Ann, MO USA

Shane Roten Duck Calls , AL USA

Shell Creek Game Calls Platte Center, NE USA

Short Stop Norwalk, IA USA

Show Me Custom Calls Kirksville, MO USA

Simmons Custom Calls Nashville, TN USA

SKG Custom Game Calls Lafayette, LA USA

Skipper Calls Murphysboro, IL USA


Slam Game Calls Somewhere, IL USA

Smokin Game Calls Brandenburg, KY USA

Snake River Custom Calls Blackfoot, ID USA

Snazz Duck Calls Little Rock, AR USA

Southern Game Calls , OH USA

Southland Custom Game Calls Talladega, AL USA

Stepan Calls Beaumont, TX USA

Stinson Duck Calls Clarendon, AR USA

Straight Down Game Calls Warrenton, MO USA

Strutn J's Game Calls Waterbury, NE USA

Stubble Stalkers Custom Calls Clintonville , WI USA

Sunkenlands Duck Calls Monette, AR USA

Superlab Duck Calls Fulton, IL USA

Sure Shot Game Calls Groves, TX USA

Susie Calls Crossville, TN USA

Susqueduck Custom Calls Milton, PA USA

Susquehanna Custom Calls Wrightsville, PA

Sutter Basin Duck Calls Yuba City, CA USA

Swamp Thing Mallard Calls Cottageville, SC USA

Swan Creek Custom Duck Calls Athens, AL USA

Sweet Talkin Mallard , MO USA

T. Salt Calls Newport, NC USA

Taylor Made Duck Calls Clarendon, AR USA

Taylor Talker Custom Made Calls Puyallup, WA USA

Tellico Turnings Tellico Plains, TN USA

The Call Connector Hayward, CA USA

THO Game Calls Manchester, NH USA

Thomas Game Calls Crockett, TX USA

Tim Grounds Championship Calls Johnston City, IL USA

Timber Boss Duck Calls Bald Knob, AR USA

Timber Mallard Championship Duck Calls Paragould, AR USA

Timber Wolf Calls Rochester, IN USA

TLP Duck and Goose Calls Severn, MD USA

TNT Calls , KY USA

Tommy Toon's Custom Duck & Goose Calls South Fulton, TN USA

Toxic Calls Kimberly, ID USA

Trader Outdoors Sterling, IL USA

Tri West Calls Nampa, ID USA

Triple M Calls , AR USA

Tru-Edge Custom Calls Colusa, CA USA

Tru-Tone Custom Calls Farmington, MO USA

Trucall Game Calls St.Joe, IN USA

TsT Custom Calls Dexter, OR USA

Turpin Custom Game Calls Memphis, TN USA

Valley Calls Woodstock, NB CAN

Vector Custom Calls Hamilton, MO USA

Verastand Duck and Goose Calls Beatrice, NE USA

Victoria Honker Coal Valley, IL USA

Vocal Destruction Centreville, MD USA

Voshell's Calls Crumpton, MD USA

Voshell's Calls Crumpton, MD USA

Vought Game Calls Milan, IL USA

Wac Em Game Calls Somewhere, LA USA

Waterfowl Calls By Goose Halifax, PA USA

Waterfowl legends Custom Call's alpharetta, GA USA

Waterfowl Legends Custom Calls and Outdoor Product alpharetta, GA USA

Waterfowld Riverton, UT USA

We Talk Fowl Hamburg, AR USA

Webfoot Custom Calls Idalia, CO USA

Weedy's Pinoak N. Little Rock, AR USA

White Eagle Game Calls Bartlett, TN USA

Wildfowl Game Calls Milwaukee, WI USA

William Lester Cleveland, MS USA

Wing Nutz Calls Trappe, MD USA

Wing Stinger Game Calls Sour Lake, TX USA

Wing Tamer Calls Sullivan, IN USA

Wingert's Woodworks Mission, KS USA

Winglock Calls Chillicothe, IL USA

Wingsetter Duck Calls , AR USA

Wingtipsdown Buckner, KY USA

Wood Butcher Calls Midland, NC USA

Wood Game Calls Adams, NE USA

Woods Calls Lincoln, NE USA

Woods Wise Products Franklin, TN USA

Yentzen , TX USA
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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby jack547003 » Thu Jul 10, 2014 12:01 am

nice post and i agree with you marsh water i have learnt many things from your post keep on posting thanks in advance
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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby Crappiehunter1 » Thu Jul 31, 2014 3:50 am

My vote goes to Falling Feathers game calls.
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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby Section eight hunt club » Sun Aug 03, 2014 4:16 pm

Final glide calls. They make great duck calls that are loud and raspy (although a little high pitch )
That also handle spit really well.
Section eight hunt club
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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby rank duck » Wed Sep 03, 2014 7:53 pm

sure are a lot of opinions out there..
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rank duck
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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby kcwellington » Wed Sep 17, 2014 11:37 am

Redemption Custom Calls from Aberdeen or West Ppoint , MS..
Smith Mtn Calls
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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby Justsaying » Tue Sep 23, 2014 12:18 am

Hey marsh grass, not to call you out just interested in the calls that you make! Would love to hear the call in action... There anyway that you could post a video of calling? Have a rnt rich-n-tone, it is the smoothest calling call I have ever used. But just like anything I do can never be happy with what I have..thanks
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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby canback » Sun Sep 28, 2014 2:27 pm

I use only precision duck calls,made in minden Nevada
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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby fowlmouth1855 » Sat Oct 11, 2014 9:40 pm

Mossy Creek Game Calls and twin drakes. Both companies are stand up guys and they make some jam up calls.
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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby fowlmouth1855 » Sat Oct 11, 2014 9:42 pm

I'm new to hunting but I heard of these two bad to the bone custom call companies , echo and rnt. I think their pretty new but they make great sounding calls. They'll be making It big in the next few years!
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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby Woodie26 » Thu Oct 16, 2014 2:18 am

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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby panthertrainhunter » Wed Oct 22, 2014 2:44 pm

fowlmouth1855 wrote:I'm new to hunting but I heard of these two bad to the bone custom call companies , echo and rnt. I think their pretty new but they make great sounding calls. They'll be making It big in the next few years!

Echo and RNT have been around for years... Both have won numerous calling competitions and RNT calls has won a ton of world championships. I have a few models from both companies and especially like RNT due to their great sounding single reed calls.
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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby dillakilla12 » Mon Oct 27, 2014 10:36 am

fowlmouth1855 wrote:Mossy Creek Game Calls and twin drakes. Both companies are stand up guys and they make some jam up calls.

You must be from mid Ga?? I like my Mossy Creek, never ran a Twin Drakes. I heard they are just echo inserts though
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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby bgoldhunter » Sun Nov 30, 2014 12:21 am

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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby cyclegrip » Sat Dec 06, 2014 9:43 pm

I recently got a triple toe call from a good friend of mine
Check them out!
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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby mferrell » Tue Dec 09, 2014 12:17 pm

I use a Decoy Outdoor Killer Skull call, like the one below. I love it, it's easy to blow and good for working those birds that are coming in close that you don't wanna startle with a loud, high pitched call.

Check them out at

duck call 1.jpg
duck call 1.jpg (11.78 KiB) Viewed 6837 times

duck calls.jpg
duck calls.jpg (89.65 KiB) Viewed 6837 times
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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby stumpjumper » Tue Dec 09, 2014 6:12 pm

To ALL pro staffers....this IS NOT a thread for you to push your stuff. Take that somewhere else or I`ll delete your post and possibly your membership. Oh....and keep your echo inserts in a barrel as well!!!!! :fingerhead:

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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby Huntfish12 » Fri Jan 23, 2015 10:56 am

Im a member on a few different call trading pages and calling video pages on facebook. This guy is making calls that sound pretty sweet. Havent picked one up yet but from the soundfiles I've heard, I'm impressed. I push alot of air through my calls when I run them, so its tough to find a call that will handle that volume and pressure of air. His name is Tylar Hall. See if you can search him out. I think you'll like what you hear.
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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby K Williams » Fri Jan 23, 2015 5:21 pm

I just received this call from Matthews Custom Calls...a local maker in Long Island, NY. Cherry wood, Echo guts.

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Re: The Best Duck Calls You've Never Heard Of

Postby Pacific Fisher » Wed Feb 18, 2015 5:28 pm

Willow Creek Custom calls in California
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