Ringneck / Bullneck calls

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Ringneck / Bullneck calls

Postby GatorDuck » Mon Dec 08, 2003 7:19 pm

What call should i use for Ringnecks / Bullnecks / 'Blackjack'. Not used to big lake hunting, but giving it a go this year.
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Postby 2rivers » Mon Apr 05, 2004 11:58 am

for canvasbacks just call like a mallard (not feed call) and they seem to come in better than if you use the brrrrrp brrrrrp for bluebills. Can hens actually quack like a mallard only not as loud or raspy. As for ringnecks being in the right place seems to me works better than any calling. I will wave my hat at the ducks when they are a long way off and I think that gets them to turn to the decoys and then let the decoys do the work for you.
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