Daisy Cutter- Acrylic or wood?

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Daisy Cutter- Acrylic or wood?

Postby Reed » Sun Nov 21, 2004 3:05 pm

Is there much difference between the bois d' arc and the acrylic dc? Which one would you guys recommend? Also, do know if you can have RNT build one in african blackwood?
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Postby HUMBOLDT HUNTER » Sun Nov 21, 2004 3:40 pm

If I were to get a daisy cutter I would probably go with the acrylic, dont get me wrong good wooden calls are nice too but I dont think Id spend that money on a wooden daisy cutter just because the daisy cutter in my mind is more of an acrylic style call, having a wooden daisy cutter just kind of seems like it would be defeating the purpose of having a daisy cutter. But I do like other nice high end wooden calls though.
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Postby mccree79 » Sun Nov 21, 2004 4:27 pm

I would pass on the Bois D' arc. I don't like the sound of the wood. The Bois D' arc looks good, cocobola sounds better.
If you can get them to build an African Blackwood, I would jump on that.
If not, go Acrylic.
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Postby quackkiller » Sun Nov 21, 2004 7:48 pm

Never blown a wood DC but I have a acrylic one and I love it. sounds awesome. I just can't see it sounding better in wood. I'd get the acrylic.
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