help finding a duck call

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help finding a duck call

Postby SteveDodds » Sat Jul 27, 2013 10:30 pm

Hello all. I am a newbie to your wonderful forum but I have been lurking in the shadows for awhile. My name is Scott Vitzthum and I am a hunter from the prairie pothole region of Iowa.

Before last year I had been away from hunting for several years. Many years ago in or about 2003, I purchased a duck call at the Ducks Unlimited Great Outdoors Festival in Oshkosh WI. I didn't keep it when I got out of hunting. I was a pro with that call. I would absolutely love to find another one. I am hoping if I describe it someone will know what I am talking about.

It was a dark brown purplish plastic call. It didn't look like anything fancy. It didn't have any words or anything on it. When I bought it, it had a sticker on it that said the name brand. The sticker was clear except for words and the brand emblem on it. The sticker didn't last long. It had a rather large barrel on it. The barrel was completely straight kind of like a toilet paper roll only smaller. The insert was also completely straight also like a toilet paper roll only smaller. The insert was a smaller diameter then the barrel. There were 2 slight ridges on the barrel on the end farthest from the mouth piece where a lanyard could be put. I want to say it was made of injection molding as there was an obvious joint on the barrel and insert due to the mold. It looked very plain. It was a double reed. It looked sort of like the teal hen call from Duck Commander. The inside diameter of the mouth piece on the barrel was about 1 inch. I am thinking I paid about $20 for it. When I bought it they told me that if it ever needs to tuning to send it back to them and they will retune and ship it back for free. They told me it was a cheap version of their $100+ calls and it had the same guts as the expensive ones. When I had told a couple different people what brand call I had they had never heard of it. I want to say it was a custom type of company as nobody had ever heard of the brand. The large barrel allowed me to get my big upper lip completely inside the call. I could easily control how much air went through it by opening or closing my mouth.

I imagine it is not going to be possible to find another but thought I would try. Thank you for your time and I eagerly await your replies.

I am adding that the sticker had green writing

I also want to say the maker was from down south like Arkansas or Louisiana.
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