The Hunt Is On

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The Hunt Is On

Postby Geneo35 » Wed Oct 09, 2013 10:06 am

Hello all,

This venture is not an easy one for me, but one I have to pursue. My father, the maker of Ol' Magic Duck Calls, passed away and I am in need of someone who can help me determine the value of a box of duck calls. These are duck calls that he purchased, not the calls that he made. The calls he made are priceless to myself and my family and will remain family heirlooms.

I have receipt of purchase to most of the calls, therefore I have relative knowledge of the approximate value of these calls, however most of these calls were purchased in 1999 and prior.

I am looking for an "Honest Engine" (of which I have found few of, during this difficult time of liquidating his estate), to assist me in determining the best, fair price to ask for these calls.

If you have a clear direction to point me to or can assist me individually with my hunt in fair market value of these calls, it would be greatly and graciously appreciated.

Here are a few of the calls "Pops" had in his collection:

C.H. Ditto Bakelite - Rare call. Four pin model. Rubber tone board with the C.H. Ditto name on it. The reed and wedge of this call have probably been replaced. The call appears to be all original otherwise.

Earl Dennison - Top and bottom are walnut. E.D. on Barrel. E.D. on inside. Copper reed does quack. Measures 6 3/4". Marked D-84 on end of inside. In addition to the call there is also a rare Earl Dennison 78 call record, in mint condition. The two together, I believe would bring higher value.

Howard Harlan Duck Call (Not Goose) - Approx. 5" long. Barrel is maple, stopper is a hard rubber type and the reed is mylar. On the top of the barrel where the stopper goes in, the call reads, "The Heavy Duty H.L.H. The call is in excellent condition.

2- B.Bill Duck calls

Randy Blunt duck call

Tom Condo - hand carved duck head with shotgun shell in bill.

I will stop the list here. My Pops had a fine taste in the purchases of his calls as well as in the crafting of his own calls.

Please only knowledgeable and honest replies or direction to assist in this hunt.

Thank you all for lending your ear.

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