What reed for my T1?

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What reed for my T1?

Postby SOILhunter » Sun Oct 27, 2013 5:30 pm

Just picked up a used reg bore T1..assuming with the stock reed. I really like the sound of the call so I want to make it work I'm just not sure what I need. The call does seem like it takes more air to run than my GV calls but I'm just assuming that's the nature of the call. The problem I'm having is that it's air locking anytime I try anything faster than a standard (three blind mice) greeting call. I'm just a beginner here so it may be something I'm doing wrong but I don't have any troubles with the Homewreckers. If I could help the issue with a different reed that would be awesome. What reed lengths should I try?
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Re: What reed for my T1?

Postby mayhem96 » Sun Oct 27, 2013 7:12 pm

If the call does have the stock reed in it (1.315), you probably won't find a much lighter set up. That is about as light as they come. Shoot me a PM and I will give you my cell number and or e-mail address and you can send me a soundfile of you blowing the call to hear what is going on. Hard to tell the problem until I hear it.

Hope this helps :thumbsup:
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