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Postby TOMMYBOY » Wed Aug 31, 2005 9:35 pm

I have a BgB Smoke N Double and love it ,, Has anyone had or tryed a single reed ,, would like to get one but all that i have found are not that good ,,, just my 0.02
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Postby Bret » Wed Aug 31, 2005 11:31 pm

A friend of mine brought one over one day for me to tune up for him. I think it was a widowmaker or black widow or something like that. It had the spit grooves in the board. I thought it was a real nice call. I cut a reed for him and put a new cork in it and I thought it sounded real good all the way up and down the scale. They were selling a bunch at Cabelas last weekend I wish I would have taken the time to try some but I just did not. I did blow a kwackwacker and a couple of Betts calls, but missed the bgb calls.

That is my very limited experience with BGB calls.

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