Stangler chokes

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Stangler chokes

Postby goiowaeye » Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:35 am

Strangler choke tubes anyone used them ?
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Re: Stangler chokes

Postby fatman45 » Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:05 pm

i hunted with a man and his son last week that used that tube and they nocked the shooot out of geese with the long range tube. the man told me that he shoots the long range tube all the time i can see why killed them dead no crips. i thanking of getting 1 my self.
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Re: Stangler chokes

Postby njonesy_07 » Tue Feb 22, 2011 12:17 am

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Re: Stangler chokes

Postby GotGeese2 » Fri Apr 19, 2013 10:22 am

I hunt Delaware and Maryland and the birds are wary, here. For the record, we don't sky-bust geese. We like them close but late in the season they are tough to get them with their feet down. They often slide along the outside edge of our spread. With that said, I researched various waterfowl choke tubes. The PM is (arguably) the best known tube so I started there. However, reading between the lines, it seems their claim to fame is really geared toward buck shot and Police loads. With further research I discovered the Strangler. I read some reviews, watched their video, and made the jump. I shoot a Browning Gold Hunter 12-gauge 3-1/2, and a Browning Citori O/U 12-gauge 3-1/2 (yes, that's correct!). I installed the tube and patterned the guns on paper from 20 to 40-yards. I patterned Steel #2's and BB's. AWESOME, is all I can say. The patterns are dense and uniform with no "patchy" holes or super heavy areas. I ordered a second tube for the O/U. That should say it all. Several times I've dropped birds at 50-yards that had been hit by my buddies at a closer range, but not dropped. I mean stone-cold, dead. Can't say enough about the Strangler Tube. My guns LOVE them! One note on the O/U: The Strangler Tubes have small ribs along the outside of the tube. I found that I could not tighten the second tube in the other O/U barrel because the ribs were rubbing together during the last few turns. I run a PM with smooth outer wall in one barrel and the Strangler in the other. They tighten-up in the barrels with no issues. I shoot my first shot with the PM when the birds are closer and use the Strangler second as they're climbing hard. The second Strangler Tube I purchased "lives" in the Gold Hunter for the season. Hope this is helpful.
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Re: Stangler chokes

Postby tripleb » Fri Apr 19, 2013 11:39 am

I tried a Strangler choke tube several years ago. In my 24" barreled BPS12, 3.5", it did no better than the Wad Wizard, Pattern Master, or Briley chokes I also tried. The only chokes which patterned well in that gun was an original Pattern Master and a.675" Terror choke, with the Terror choke clearly superior for longer ranged shooting. However, I will say that that gun was a PITA to get to pattern well, which I presume was due to barrel length as the same loads patterned well in my friend's 30" barreled BPS12, 3.5" using the Briley IM and LF chokes. Unfortunately, I was unable to pattern it through a longer barreled gun at the time, so it might perform well in one.
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