L.C.Smith Double Safety Repair

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L.C.Smith Double Safety Repair

Postby CarefullGunGuy » Thu Jun 14, 2012 1:38 am

The safety on my otherwise excellent condition L.C. Smith is not functioning properly. The L.C. Smith safety is designed with 3 positions

1. Safe. Mid position shows an S in the safety button - locks both triggers
2. Fire . Button moved to rear - releases both triggres ready to fire.
3. Auto. Button pushed fwd- moves safety from fire to safe when atcion is opened.

Curently the safety does not lock the triggers. If I pull hard enough the hammers are released. I have attempted to repair it several times (I've become expert at installing the difficult to install top lever spring. But It's not a fun job.) But I can't get it to consistently lock the triggers in a safe position. I think the problem is with the safety push rod. It's either too long, too short or too high. But if I randomly try to file it down, Im afraid I could make the pronblem worse. Any suggestions?

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Re: L.C.Smith Double Safety Repair

Postby mike cook » Thu Jun 14, 2012 5:25 am

Have you been on the (Doublegunshop .com )blog site yet with this issue.There is more great info on these older sxs than you can shake a stick at. I know there will be some one on there that knows whats going on . Good luck and good hunting! :thumbsup:
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mike cook
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Re: L.C.Smith Double Safety Repair

Postby apexhunter » Thu Jun 14, 2012 6:27 am

Either Doublegunshop or the Shooting Sportsman magazine forum...from experience parusing and posting there are some extremely knowledgeable people on there that can either assist or refer you to a qualified smith. You may have to look past a bunch of quibbling and political nonsence but there is good information to be had.
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Re: L.C.Smith Double Safety Repair

Postby Foster Grantly » Mon Jul 02, 2012 12:00 pm

The Safety push rod on LC Smith hammerless shotguns has an offset bend to it, with a tab, and it can only be installed one way to function properly. First off- the three position safety dates back to even before LC Smiths were made in Fulton, NY- and were made in nearby Syracuse, NY. reason for that being, live bird and trap shooting (clays) were shot with double guns of that era- both hammer and hammerless- The first true single barrel trap gun came out from LeFever in about 1905, Ithaca, LC Smith and Parker closer to 1915, Baker maybe 1910- but I digress, as those didn't normally have top tang safties as with your Smith-

First question-- is the top tang metal behind the top lever the older two piece tang design- you'll see the end of a machine screw and a slot (like an expansion gap in a poured sidewalk) just behind the end of the top lever if so- after about 1915 Hunter Arms dropped that design and replaced it with a one piece top tang-less machining and fitting- However- the three position safety was still offered as a factory option on any Smith gun until about 1934--special order. I have a 1928 Trap Grade (not a Trap Gun-- Both Winchester in the Model 12 and LC Smith in their doubles offered a Trap Grade, but it could have been on a field gun--it has the three position safety like your Smith does, ordered that way--

If you visit Numrich Arms website and go to the parts sector to L.C. Smith- they show different series hammerless Smiths and with parts schematics= if you have a machinist's background and know how to read prints- that might be helpful here- I do-- you'll see that there were two different styles of safeties for the hammerless Smith guns (actually four-- two more for the HOT Hunter One Trigger from 1906, and another for the non-selective HOT in 1932--I am assuming your Smith has the conventional double triggers, right. Problem is, unless you know how to properly dis-assemble your Smith gun (hammers must be cocked) and the top lever V spring has an "alignment issue" against the bearing strut of the cocking lever that makes some "amateur Smith-smiths" reach for the Tylenol-- you could do your gun more harm than good-

I have two friends that are Master Smith Smiths- one in MO, one in VA-- =I do all my own mechanical work on my own personal guns (Model 12's and Smiths) but because I am NOT a FFL licensed gunsmith, I do NOT work on other folk's guns--but I will be happy to direct you to someone in your area that can help you out, if you wish- :yes: :thumbsup: :beer:
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