Mossy oak camo wrap

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Mossy oak camo wrap

Postby jeepman » Mon May 13, 2013 11:45 am

I picked up an older mossberg 500 from a buddy of mine as a really cheap back up. Needless to say he has run the gun through it's paces, and it's in pretty rough condition. I have spraypainted guns in the past and also owned camo dipped ones, but i can't justify spending the money to camo dip this gun. I am looking at the Mossy Oak Vinnyl camo wrap because it's only 25 bucks and doesn't look too bad for the money. Has anyone used it and is there any hidden flaws that the company or the people in the reviews fail to mention? I do by the way have a heat gun and all of the other necessary tools to apply this stuff.
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