CZ-712 Elevator Jams

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CZ-712 Elevator Jams

Postby Jimmy82 » Sun Mar 30, 2014 3:37 am

I've been pondering this one for a while, and I'll be poking around on other sites as well. However, I've seen some really smart guys here so I thought I'd spread my census base for more results. I got a CZ-712 a while back in a quest to find a semi-auto for the wife. Well, she didn't like so I use it now on occasion, but I've run into a problem where the elevator will jam in the down position and I can't load rounds into the mag tube. I've poured over the manual a few times to make sure I'm loading and unloading correctly as I grew up around 1100's and they were the only auto gun I shot before the CZ. I do the same thing every time I load and unload and this problem seems sporadic, it has only happened twice in two years. The first time it actually happened after I had shot at a porcupine and was trying to reload. The second time was initial loading in the morning at legal shooting hours, with no shooting or trigger cycling before hand. When it happens I just make sure that the gun is unloaded and just monkey with the trigger and bolt until it starts working again. The first time I actually disassembled the gun in the woods trying to see if some foreign object had made it's way into the trigger mech, which was clean and free of debris. I like the gun, for a cheapo it fits me amazingly, and I have killed several woodcock and some grouse with it, and even a nice woodduck and a snowshoe hare. I'd like to fix this issue and keep this gun. On the other hand, I dislike faulty equipment and if it happens again I will probably be re-homing it.
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