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Postby takemty » Wed Oct 29, 2008 2:55 pm

Does anybody know of a way to pattern a shotgun? i am askin for my boss and he said when shootin paper targets his gun shoots high and to the left he shoots a mossberg i didnt know so i figured i would ask anything is useful. Thanks
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Postby BADDUCK » Thu Oct 30, 2008 8:06 am

He should use a large piece of plain paper at least 40" x 40". Put a an aiming point in the center. Fire the gun from 40 yards standing as you would when shooting at game. Use the same hold sight picture etc. Shoot at least 3 of these with the same load. Draw a 30" circle around the area of the pattern with the most shot using a pencil and 15" string. You can calculate impact point and pattern density from this info.
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Postby goose2 » Sun Nov 02, 2008 1:20 pm

Here is how I tell all of my trap guns and regular shotguns POI.
Put an cross in the middle of a 30"x30" piece of paper and put it 13 yards away from where you are going to shoot the gun from. From a gun bench rest, shoot 3 shots holding dead center. It will blow a hole where the POI is and you will be able to tell if the gun is shooting high,low or right, left. Once you get that figured out you can then move back to the 30-40 yard distance and that will tell you what the pattern your gun, choke and ammo is throwing.

The 13 yard distance is the one that will tell you if your gun has a not so center problem.

I had a shotgun that was dead on right to left but shot 2" high at 13 yards. In the trap shooting world that is a 60%-40% to 70%-30% pattern. Meaning 60% of the shot will be high and 40% low. All I did to make that gun shoot flatter was add a slightly taller site on the end. That brought the gun to dead on. If you are not on left to right at 13 yards you have some problems that cant be fixed with a new site.
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