Have a question on 870 beads.

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Have a question on 870 beads.

Postby bernie » Wed Jan 07, 2009 10:44 pm

I have one of the 870 Express 12 gauge turkey guns with the 21" VR Remchoke barrel. I truly love this shotgun. The short barrel really carrys well in the woods while squirrel hunting and it works pretty well for waterfowl if hunting by myself (the short barrel makes it a little bit loud with others around.

However, I do not like the bead setup on the gun. It has a mid bead and a very small white bead on the front.

First, I do not like mid beads. How difficult should this be to remove. Also, what size plug screw will I need for the hole. Will a plug screw that fits in a receiver of a Remington Model 700's scope mount holes fit?

Now the front bead. It is a tiny white bead sitting on a plastic disc. Will the mid bead fit in this hole? If it is still not big enough, where do I order a larger bead that will bit in this hole.

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Postby waterfowlhunter » Thu Jan 08, 2009 5:51 am

The mid bead is not tapped but just pressed in and you can pull it out by truning it back and fourth while pulling it up. you will usually damage it when removing it and sometimes the post breaks off in the hole. The hole is very tiny and I would not worry about tfilling it. that mid bead will not fit where the front bead is. you can search Brownells.com and find many sizes and colors to replace your front bead with. they usually list them by thread size and it says what they fit. some 870's had a press in front bead as well. if that is the case with yours you will have to replace it with a press in or tap the hole with the proper size for the bead you are using. Brownells again sells the drip and tap set for shotgun beads.
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