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Postby Rat Creek » Tue Dec 03, 2013 1:30 pm

Botiz630 wrote:
Glimmerjim wrote:"The lie detector determined........" I can't help but ask. Are you guys really........................that...................stupid? Are you all at the local library using the public computers? No one stupid enough to consider Maury Poviche's determination of ANYTHING should own a computer. In fact, they should have been aborted. No wonder the right is so afraid of abortion. If eugenics based on intelligence became a trend Ortho would have an oversupply of "Wonder Grow, the largest supplier of fertilizer manufactured from 100% conservative fetuses. Your plants won't produce anything, but they'll crowd out everything within pollen or root distance!"

Wait a minute, did you think that Maury was really doing that? :lol3:

:ditto: :ditto: :ditto:
:lol3: :lol3: :lol3: :lol3: :lol3: :lol3:

The point of the lie detector bit was not that any fool would think a real lie detector and trained professional were involved, it simply points out the 100% blatant lies told by a FRAUD!!!!

But holy cow Glimmerjim- abortions, eugenics, oh my. :eek: That is what I call a true Obama toady, willing to defend the indefensible with a full on hissy fit. :lol3:

Oh and by the way, nice diversion attempt on the whole WMD things. :lol3: Back to Bush we go. :lol3:

This is a educational example though of why it is so hard to defeat democrats. Their followers care nothing of substance or character and only that they have a D by their name. Even with lie after lie after lie, Glimmerjim thinks it needs more exploration. :rolleyes: It is okay to let go. Your guy is a fraud, a bad person and a terrible executive. Just because you were duped does not make you a bad person. The IRS and Death Panels will decide that. :umm:
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Rat Creek
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Postby Rat Creek » Tue Dec 03, 2013 1:41 pm

WoodyWhiffingMG wrote:
WMD (2001 definition) included: Nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, and biological weapons...

WMD (2007 definition) included: Nuclear weapons

WMD (2012 definition) Included: Nuclear weapons, AR-15s, and pop-tarts.

Your side of the isle changes the definition of words/terms to fit your need at the time. There were not only WMDs but lots of them.

No kidding. :hammer: And then in Syria, chemical and biological became WMDs again because it supported their fraud's position.

...Hussein had smuggled his WMDs over the border into Syria long before coalition forces began the Iraqi invasion. Today, there is now video evidence of chemical and biological weapons having been used in Syria to kill countless victims.

Does the fraud still have a D after his name? Yes, so it does not matter. :no:
Rat Creek
Rat Creek
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Postby ScaupHunter » Tue Dec 03, 2013 3:21 pm

There were no WMD's. Blasphemy and calumny you thoughtless bastardos! :lol3:

No American soldiers found them. None of them were American or German. Syria didn't get theirs from other countries they made their own. Oh wait a minute, plenty of them were interdicted being smuggled over the border to Syria. You know that none of the Iraqi owned WMD's made it over that totally porous desert border. We know for certain that all of the Iraqi weapons were used up before the Iraq invasion forces entered Iraq. Because dictators are known for using everything they have up in one single effort instead of holding onto their excess to use the next time.

Liberals wonder why they get no respect. Stupidity in epic proportion and stuffing their heads in the sand to ignore the lies and fraud would be two good reasons. A liberal claiming that eugenics and intelligence tests would keep them breathing are to dumb understand it would be the end of their existence as a politcal entity. :thumbsup:
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