Nice the Government has extra money now...

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Re: Nice the Government has extra money now...

Postby clampdaddy » Thu Mar 20, 2014 9:11 am

WTN10 wrote:
clampdaddy wrote:
WTN10 wrote:Getting mad at stuff like this is why no one takes Republicans seriously.

What is the reason why no one takes the libertarian party seriously?

Most successful third party in the nation, and were gaining. Let me know how 2016 goes for you. My et is it'll be like 2098 and 2012.

You are assuming that I am a "republican". I was a registered libertarian for years and only recently changed my voting registration to republican so I could vote in their primaries in order to vote for republicans with libertarian leanings. First was Ron Paul, hopefully Rand Paul will be the next.
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