Should the USA. go to War with Russia over Latvia?

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Re: Should the USA. go to War with Russia over Latvia?

Postby nitram » Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:41 am

One of the best things the U.S. could do to make Russia's acquisition of Crimea a bit more painful is to increase liquid natural gas (LNG) exports to Europe. So obviously that means it's time for envirofascists here to ramp up their opposition to such a move. A coalition of greens is pressuring Obama to reject pending applications for LNG export terminals in order to "protect the environment." Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune opined, "Building a new LNG terminal doesn't strengthen our nation, and it further disrupts our climate." That's funny because just five years ago the Sierra Club was all about natural gas being the "next-cleanest fuel" to renewables. But whatever. Given the choice between countering Russia and appeasing green groups, it's almost a sure bet the White House will go green.

Recently on CNBC's Squawk Box, the guest was the author Rupert Darwall. During a discussion about his book, The Age of Global Warming, cohost Andrew Ross Sorkin said, "Talk about the economic implications. You make an argument about Putin and what's happened in Europe." This guy's basic premise is that "green" policies, pro-global warming policies have pushed Europe into the hands of Vladimir Putin.

DARWALL: It's unquestionably the case that green policies in Europe, and particularly in Germany, have pushed the German economy into the hands of Putin. Because if you switch from fossil-fuel power generation to wind and solar, you depend on the weather. Because you're depending on the weather, it means you won't need other sources of fuel. So they're pushed into the hands of Gazprom, the Russian gas company. And you've seen gas shipments from Russia rise by about 30% in 15 years, which is a big amount.

What Darwall is saying, is really quite insightful. He's saying that by all of the Western nations going full blast into this green technology business, we're just handing the world to Vladimir Putin while he's laughing all the way to the bank. He uses the example of Germany. We've pushed the German economy into the hands of Putin, because as these companies decide to go into wind and solar, they have decided to turn their energy sector over to the weather, which nobody can control, nobody can depend on, and the weather doesn't produce enough harvestable energy to run anything yet. So while the western democracies get rid of conventional fossil-fuel energy economies, (in this idiotic push into global warming) are getting rid of their own fossil fuel energy use and production like we are, they open themselves up to the need of fossil fuel energy such as natural gas. And when Putin does not join the push on global warming, he'll be the guy you have to buy your natural gas from. But imagine if we were totally dependent on Putin for natural gas? Well, Germany is becoming that way. So is the UK.

Gazprom, which is the natural gas company Soviet Union, has the pipelines. That's why Putin wants Ukraine. Get a map and look at all the natural gas and oil pipelines that run through Ukraine, and it'll impress upon you the importance of Crimea, and controlling Ukraine. Putin wants control of energy. He can charge what he wants for it and control Western Europe. So Putin holds a lot of leverage there.

Just like we were dependent for so long on the Middle East for our oil. This is really an insightful comment. It's these green policies, this idiotic belief that Western democracies and their progress are destroying the planet. So they're made to feel guilty, and so they get rid of their fossil fuel production and use. But they still need it because the weather doesn't provide enough energy, and that's what wind and solar is. This guy (Darwall) is exactly right.
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