Another $4 Billion 'Green' Push

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Another $4 Billion 'Green' Push

Postby nitram » Fri Apr 18, 2014 6:58 pm

Evidently, the epic Solyndra debacle – among a plethora of other failed “green” energy endeavors – hasn't taught this administration any lessons. Reuters reports, “The U.S. Energy Department on Wednesday unveiled a plan for up to $4 billion in loan aid for renewable energy companies to help rejuvenate a program that faced harsh political attacks over past failures of federally subsidized projects.” Executive director of the project Pater Davidson praised the announcement, proclaiming, “We're back in business. We really want to go back to … doing very valuable work for our economy going forward.” I'm pretty sure all those billions in taxpayer dollars already burned didn't provide any economic value, nor do any federal interventions. The federal government's job is not to regulate and manage the free market. It's called “free” for a reason. Then again, isn't that the point? No administration has worked harder to break the back of free enterprise.
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