Obama Never Had a Plan B

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Re: Obama Never Had a Plan B

Postby Glimmerjim » Wed Apr 30, 2014 11:24 am

SpinnerMan wrote: You cannot take it personal. That is difficult for many. The other thing is that we are a group of hunters, which means we have a common set of backgrounds and values which generally means we have a spirit of rugged individualism, leave me alone so I can leave you alone attitude. This is why we lean heavily toward the libertarian/Tea Party/movement conservative positions which is the more classic liberal position and reject the social liberal positions. We also tend to hate the Republican establishment because political machines of all kinds are an anathema to what we believe.

I am fully on board with the objectives of the social liberals, something that often separates me from the more libertarian people on this site. However, the progressive or modern liberals approaches for the most part DO NOT WORK!

And this is where you and I most likely have the largest part of our disagreement. We want to achieve the same goals, we probably even have similar priorities in large part, but we have completely different views about what will work and what will not. To resolve that difference, we have to be objective about the results that we see in the real world. For example, do big businesses love big government and vice versa? I think the evidence in the real world is that they go hand in hand. Maybe love is the wrong word, but they certainly develop a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship and that relationship is parasitic to the average person as the powerful use their power to leech off of the less powerful. It is the antithesis of everything we as Americans claim to aspire to.

That's a good post, Spinner. :thumbsup:
And cj, I am one of the worst in re taking things personally....and I have found a direct correlation, that I often regret, between attitude and alcohol consumption. :lol3: Just a tip!
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