26% Previously Uninsured

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26% Previously Uninsured

Postby nitram » Tue May 13, 2014 8:57 pm

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Do you remember the original intent of ObamaCare? It was supposedly the noble effort to fund insurance for the poorest of the poor, but there’s that small thing of more taxes, regulation and generally less Liberty. And according to numbers crunched in a McKinsey survey, the tradeoff wasn’t worth it. The survey found only 26% of the people signing up for ObamaCare were previously uninsured. So how many of the other 74% had plans canceled by ObamaCare? Call me crazy, but it seems like the solution isn’t working. If we liked our Liberty, couldn’t we have kept it?
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Re: 26% Previously Uninsured

Postby SpinnerMan » Wed May 14, 2014 10:27 am

And even that 26% doesn't answer the real question.

How many of the previously uninsured would have gotten ensured anyways?

Clearly all the previously uninsured would not have remained uninsured until the end of time if not for Obamacare.


As you can see, the best thing Obama could have done for the uninsured was improve the economy. If he would have gotten out of the way and not cranked up regulations and spending and allowed the economy to recover quickly, we would been back to around a 14 to 15% years ago. Of course, with the creeping "recovery" it will take much longer, and you know who will claim credit once we get back their in spite of and because of his policies.

Just like the unemployed (except when the government pays them to stay unemployed), and just like the income earners in any particular bin (except when the government kills economic opportunity), they are not the same people year after year or even month after month.

Get older and you are more likely to get insured. Same with getting a job.
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