Obama Blasted Bush's V.A.

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Obama Blasted Bush's V.A.

Postby nitram » Tue May 20, 2014 8:18 pm

In 2007, aspiring president Barack Obama blasted George W. Bush’s Department of Veterans Affairs, saying, “After seven years of an administration that has stretched our military to the breaking point, ignored deplorable conditions at some VA hospitals, and neglected the planning and preparation necessary to care for our returning heroes, America’s veterans deserve a president who will fight for them not just when it’s easy or convenient, but every hour of every day for the next four years.” Fast forward to 2012, when Obama said, “For the first time ever, we’ve made military families and veterans a top priority not just at DOD, not just at the VA, but across the government.” The dozens of Patriots who were willing to give their lives defending their country, but died from negligence instead, beg to differ.

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