V.A. Wrongful Deaths

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V.A. Wrongful Deaths

Postby nitram » Sat May 24, 2014 4:25 am

USA Today reports that Veterans Affairs has been well aware of problems with its bureaucratic system for some time. “The Veterans Affairs Medical Center of Cincinnati settled 10 wrongful death claims between 2001-2012 for a total of $1.57 million, including several cases for missed diagnoses and ‘faulty care.’ The VA, under increased scrutiny for possible falsified wait time information, settled more than 1,000 such cases for more than $200 million nationally.” It’s a staggering problem that, again, is a flashing warning of what life will be like under ObamaCare. Also contrast the settlements to the $8.8 million in bonuses paid to officials at seven troublemaking VA facilities. It’s unconscionable that the troubles at the VA were ignored (and rewarded) in service of the administration’s political agenda of promoting ObamaCare.

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