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Postby captainduckhead » Sat May 31, 2008 6:23 am

Yeah, He would do well on the college circuit.
Preacher, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in college.
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3) Drunk chicks don't want to talk about religeon
4) Try not to drink the bong water
5) If you get a girl pregnant, blame it on your room mate
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Postby wackemstackem » Sat May 31, 2008 8:21 am

You left out a few
Dont fall asleep at a frat party.
Dont drink that stuff in the garbage can with the fruit in it.
If you get crabs dont tell your room mates.
It's my Island.
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Postby jehler » Fri Jun 06, 2008 2:15 pm

Pumpgunner wrote: He's done more to unite the Muslim militant world against the US and our allies than anyone since the Crusaders.
how so? attacks have been down against u.s. interests abroad to almost if not nil for the last 3 years outside of iraq but maybe I am missing something, how are they more united than around the time of the 9-11 attacks?
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Postby jrockncash » Fri Jun 06, 2008 4:46 pm

Because thats what CNN says. :rofl:
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Postby Kurt » Sun Jun 08, 2008 3:02 pm

Pumpgunner wrote:Duckhead- Why would the Islamic militants want to put a leader in a position of power to work for them, when they couldn't have picked a better man than Bush? He's done more to unite the Muslim militant world against the US and our allies than anyone since the Crusaders.

Too bad we dont have any balls left in this country or there would not be any Muslim militants left to worry about.
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