Floods and other natural disasters

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Floods and other natural disasters

Postby don taylor » Mon Jun 16, 2008 4:42 am

To all the people who are in the flooded areas of the midwest, many of us are praying for you. Good luck in your rebuilding and clean-up efforts. The losses were terrible and flooding is horrific to witness. Good luck.

With that said, Why haven't we seen all the problems like we had in New Orleans? Why isn't anyone screaming about FEMA or Bush? Where is the widespread looting? Crime? When do they start filling stadiums up?

I understand that many of my good , honest, hard working,southern friends got flooded, didn't complain and handled business. But doesn't ANYONE have any whining to do now about this flooding?

Or could it be the people who are being effected by this flooding are a different class of people than the Katrina VICTIMS? Hmmmmm......

And before anyone starts breaking down Katrina's costs and blah blah blah. this thread is about dependency on the system, not on which was worse, Katrina or this current flooding.

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Postby Montanafowler » Mon Jun 16, 2008 5:59 am

these floods are slow rising water, not a hurricane. with that said i think it is a different class of people, kinda like the folks in oregon and washington last winter (watch Ax men). Even though they lost nearly everything, those guys were still going to work in 100 mile winds and pouring water, the loggers cut treees out of the roads for evacuations and when it was all said and done, they filled in the roads so businesses could resume. entirely different people from those in katrina who were all jam packed in suberbs and had no survival skills to rely on.
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Postby rmh » Mon Jun 16, 2008 6:30 am

Funny this should come up now because I'm in the process of updating my Town's emergency plan.
When TS Isabel came rolling up the Bay five years ago we took an incredible hit from the storm surge and associated flooding: four feet deep water, houses knocked from their foundations, trees down, no electric. Thankfully no deaths or serious injuries, although there were some minor injuries in the next couple days from people wading through the flood water in their bare feet and stepping on crap and getting some interesting skin rashes. Anyway, generally speaking people looked out for themselves, there was a minor bit of looting (strong word not really applicable) done by non-residents who came to look and get in the way. We have one low income building with about fifteen units (converted motel) and those folks sat around drinking warm beer. They saw me the second day (no sleep for me yet) and complained they had no deodorant or toilet paper. I basically told them to walk up the street to the convenience store and get some. Our major problems during the clean up came from the whiny yuppies who wanted electricity back, and were complaining about losing "stuff" etc. In some cases these were the same people who refused the mandatory evacuation order and ended up riding out the storm in their attics while screaming at the 911 operators. Lots of cars were destroyed because they wouldn't move them because "after all we never get hit by these storms". Most of these folks were newer residents and didn't believe those of us who had been through this before. My biggest headaches came from the upper levels in Town.
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Postby wackemstackem » Mon Jun 16, 2008 7:44 am

I offered to help Katrina victims and was turned away.Less than a yr after the storm I called several agencies to offer my help.
I told them my qualifications as a master electrician,that I would come down on my own dime and pay for my room and board.
All 3 agencies that I called said the same thing,they wanted help cleaning up and gutting houses and any trade work was being done by paid contractors.I told them Im sorry but Im not gonna help someone gut and clean their house for them when they can do that type of work themselves.
Ive donated my tools before and was shocked I could not find an agency that needed skilled trade help. :huh:
I read some where that people comming down to help out were being mugged in the evening on their way home from jobs so Im glad I diddent go.I was still kinda pissed cause I wanted to help out and their was no way for me to do it with out sending money and that was not gonna happen.
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Postby SpinnerMan » Mon Jun 16, 2008 10:51 am

Lousiana was the most corrupt state in the south and New Orleans was the epicenter of corruption in the corrupt state.

I sit here in the Chicago suburbs and really don't think Chicago would do any better for the exact same reasons. When you are focussed on bribery, patronage jobs, etc. It leads to a culture where nothing works well. People do nothing but look the other way and everything deteriorates over time. That's why the New Orleans response to the hurricane looked more like a third world response than that of Florida, Texas, or any of the other states that have been hammered by hurricanes. You didn't see anything in comparison in Mississippi or Alabama that also took a hell of a whack from Katrina. In these corrupt cultures when something like this happens the people that got the jobs because they knew somebody or gave the biggest political donations, aren't going to be the people you can count on. They are the first ones to turn tail and point fingers and are generally incompetent anyways. The few that try are quickly completely over their head. You saw this in the Mayor and the Governor. They actually had a pretty good plan. Nobody bothered to execute the plan.

Remember Obama was a state legislator from one of these completely corrupted areas. He is one of these people that talks a good game, but doesn't get things done. I guess he can't fix his neighborhood until he fixes the whole country. It's horrible that it takes a catastrophe to show how incompetent they are. It's even sadder that the people have so bought into this that they reelect people like the Mayor of New Orleans or the guy with $90k of cold cash in the freezer. I'm afraid some people will never learn.

Somehow the Mayor of New Orleans is less at fault than the President. Give me an effing break. I think the Mayor of New Orleans is responsible for the failures in Iraq. It makes as much sense.
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Postby rmh » Mon Jun 16, 2008 11:16 am

Also one of the problems is that many people, including some that should know better, think that FEMA is a first responder when it's actually about fourth. It's the money and facilities provider down stream. It doesn't stockpile food, can't request the National Guard or cause the evacuation to proceed. That's all on the ground locally.
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