Blame it on Bush

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Blame it on Bush

Postby sdkidaho » Sat Jun 21, 2008 9:26 am

With only six months left in office, the flooding in the Midwest is probably the last catastrophe Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats will be able to blame on George Bush II. Will the folks displaced by the flood become helpless victims of FEMA and the Bush administration’s “uncaring” attitude, like the poor Ninth Ward residents of New Orleans? Louis Farrakhan theorized to his zombie-like followers that the flooding of New Orleans was a government conspiracy to rid the city of its poor black population. It was government “ethnic cleansing.” Oh, it was horrible … forcin’ poor displaced citizens of New Orleans to commit crimes in far away cities they were unfamiliar with was a convenient way to put more black men in prison.

Which brings to mind several questions. Was the recent devastatin’ floods of Iowa another government conspiracy to rid the midwest of middle class taxpayers? Why hasn’t the bleedin’ heart “entertainment industry” rushed to take advantage of the “photo ops” in Iowa City? Where’s Sean Penn and his rowboat when they need him? Where’s the Hollywood crowd with the “Save Cedar Rapids” concerts? I don’t have any answers. Just a lot of questions that I’d like the far left brain trusts in both major parties to answer.

We’ve got a bunch of stupendously silly folks in Congress right now that think government in its present form is working. And if we’d just give the benevolent big central government even more power over our lives, it would work even better. These are the same folks that have subverted the English language to mean whatever they want it to mean. George Orwell once said “political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable.” Words are manufactured and facts are twisted to achieve political control and “environmental” objectives.

The “blame America” crowd has created a nation of victims in order to make fundamental changes in the way Americans live and work. They have made tremendous strides in destroyin’ the concept of family, national pride and traditional values. Now no one is responsible for their own actions or welfare. Heck we’re not even responsible for our own children anymore. They all belong to the State. Victimhoods buzz words are “un-insured,” “working poor,” “single mom,” “at risk children,” “minority,” “disadvantaged,” “disenfranchised,” “marginalized,” “voiceless” and etcetera. Virtually every American has been pigeonholed into some votin’ bloc. There’s the Women’s vote. There’s the African-Mexican-Asian-Arab-Hispanic and Native American vote. There’s the Lesbian, Gay and Transgender vote. Then there’s the people of “Color” vote whatever that means. All that’s left is a bunch of angry white men. And they’re startin’ to feel “disenfranchised.” The architects of the “global economy” have robbed them of the American Dream. Their jobs were shipped overseas and now they’re competin’ with a flood of immigrants, a lot of which are in the country illegally, for the service sector jobs left in America. They’re startin’ to get really angry with the “press one for English” mentality that’s sweepin’ the country. They don’t understand why no one represents them. Every hyphenated American voting bloc has a cadre of lawyers and spokesmen. Lobbyists of every persuasion prowl the hall of open doors in Congress. But these angry white men have been tarred and feathered as sexists, bigots, racists and despoilers of planet earth with no evidence supportin’ any of the allegations.

These angry white men know what Bull Scat looks like and smells like. They know it’s B.S. to have to kiss up to Bedouin goat herders whose transportation system is built around camel caravans, so that they’ll sell us enough crude oil to fuel ours. Especially when the available untapped American oil resources exceeds everything under the sand of Saudi Arabia. And it’s real hard for the “blame America” crowd to get these angry white men excited about global warmin’. They’re not willin’ to bet the economy of the U.S. on the idea that global warming is a closed case.

They can remember that when the first “Earth Day” celebration took place in 1970 leading environmentalists where predictin’ the impendin’ doom of the planet. Following is just a few from a long list of predictions made in 1970. From Newsweek Magazine “because of increased dust, cloud cover and water vapor…the planet will cool, the water vapor will fall and freeze and a new Ice Age will be born.” From Kenneth Watt at Swarthmore University…”the world will be 11 degrees colder in the year 2000.” From biologists at the University of Washington … ”we are in an environmental crisis which threatens the survival of this nation and the world as a suitable place of human habitation.” From Life Magazine … “by 1985 air pollution will have reduced the amount of sunlight reaching earth by one half.” There you have it folks. A new Ice Age predicted by the same crowd that’s now absolutely positive that Americans are causing global warming. This is the same crowd that wants you to believe that global warming spawned Hurricane Katrina and it could have been averted if George Bush would’ve just signed the Kyoto Agreement. These same folks are ones that have mislabeled the poor citizens of New Orleans “victims of Hurricane Katrina” and created a new class of entitlement recipients. The real victims of Hurricane Katrina lived on the gulf coast of Mississippi and Alabama. Broken levees are the reason sections of New Orleans flooded … not Hurricane Katrina. But “broken levee victim” doesn’t sound ‘victimish’ enough does it?

The folks in Iowa are gonna have to figure out a way to blame the flooding on George Bush if they expect anything out of Harry Reid, or Nancy Pelosi. If they expect any help out of the Hollywood crowd, they’ll have to figure out a way to become victims of global warmin’.

Article found here.
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Postby dudejcb » Sat Jun 21, 2008 11:33 am

Dear eastern Idaho friend,

you may be onto something here. Yes, the flooding may well be the result of a money making scheme that could well soak the middle class. (no pun intended, I think.)

Here's a case story of how it worked. Just a few miles from Hannibal Missouri, the Mississippi River used to be 4000 feet wide. But in an incredible stroke of economic development genius, some local developers offered to build new levees to "protect" the town. These are areas that were under 10-feet of water during the great flood of 1993. So the kindly developers built new levees that narrowed the river from a width of 4000-feet to a mere 1500- feet.

In return for this good deed (read that, Trojan Horse) tax breaks and other incentives were bestowed upon the kindly developers for "reclaiming" this flood zone land, if they would continue their good work and develop the now "reclaimed" flood plain acreage and quickly build a mall and other commercial properties to "boost" the local economy. Beauty right?

Well imagine what happens when you go from having a 4000-ft wide channel to a one that is only 1500-ft wide... and then (big surprise) another Great Flood materializes. Don't bother imagining what would happen, I'll just tell you. The water cannot spread out like it did before when this piece of land was under 10-feet of flood water in "93 (cuz now it's even more confined than before) so the river rises even higher than before. After all, water is a non-compressible fluid so that volume has only one way to go.... up. So the new river channel rises and crests higher than it otherwise would.

Here's the billion dollar question. As the flood we've been watching on TV flows downstream and approaches this reclaimed economic juggernaut, will the new levees hold it back? And, if they don't, and the new mall and other commercial properties that now lie within the historical flood zone become flooded, who will pick up the tab for "recovery" and "reclaimation?"

I'm pretty confident that the benevolent developers are long gone, and so are the city fathers who allowed this situation to be set up. Their money is safe. Do you think the insurance companies will step up... as they didn't in New Orleans or anywhere else?

If this disaster does indeed materialize it may be the result of unintended consequences, or it may be the result of greed and cooperation between local officials and their well-heeled cronies. Am I being too cynical or have we seen this type thing play out before? and before and before.

Let's all watch the news the next few days to see what happens.

I guess one of the points I'm trying to get across to all you who think the big bad federal government is the primary evil in our country... the local government ain't always so great either. So when I hear the refrain for MORE LOCAL CONTROL, in my cynical mind I hear the sounds of an old fashioned cash register ringing up profits for the locals, who eschew oversight as meddlesome and unecessary.

This is certainly not meant to assert that the Corps of Engineers, or any other agency--state, county, city or federal--is any good at oversight or are capable of being helpful... Rather, it is to point out that both parties (and both liberals and conservatives) have those within their ranks who come up with money making schemes for themselves (that are sold based on rosy outlooks with no real long term critical analysis) and we, the over taxed middle class, usually wind up holding the bag.
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