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Postby WoodyWhiffingMG » Wed Oct 15, 2008 5:48 pm

DuckinFool wrote:Perhaps being an appeasing apologist for the Socialist in addition to pushing a big government spending spree at taxpayer expense is why McCain is handing this election all tidy and gift wrapped to the Dems. :mad:

this quote was taken from another post sbout McCain being truthfull

Well if anything when he stood up for Obama he helped his campaign, it showed that he was a bigger man.
I don’t know about anyone else, but I would rather have someone who would tell the truth about his opponent, not lie or agree with false statements of others. When I go to the polls to vote I know I would rather be voting for someone who I know is honest than for someone who makes a lot of promises and probably won’t keep them. Even if he might not stand for everything I want, because lets be real there never has or ever will be a candidate that will stand for everything you or others want. The only thing we can hope for is a good person in office that is interested in what needs to be done. Not what he wants to get done. We would all like to think that the candidate we vote for stand for what he says, but he says what he needs to say to make enough people happy, and there are always special interests, if there weren’t they wouldn’t have the money to run for office. In reality we shouldn’t have these huge campaigns and should elect that guy that ran on his own, without downers or parties, because parties are the true cause of all evil that comes from elections. If you were to take the blue and red away, all you would have left is to guys saying what they believe not what others tell them to say, and to be honest there both so in the middle you wouldn’t know which one is from which party if you were not already told. Both are down to earth family guy Christians (republican, if you don’t believe me read the bible and then tell me which party stands for what it says- Abortion/murder. Things don’t have to breathe to be alive. I don’t know if you know this, but a fetus may not breath per say, but its mother dose provide oxygen, brought in by her blood. Do fish breathe the same way we do? Are they alive), both, even if you don’t realize it have the same foreign policy just approached a little differently, The only true difference is one believes in the trickledown effect, and the other says "no tax raises for houses under $250000 in yearly salary". That is the only difference; both, of which, will work in restoring or economy to where it was, if we were in a perfect world. To be honest if you really pay attention, The economy down fall that has happened as of late is not the fault of the current president it is the fault of those who are in control of the large companies (CEOs) who were more interested in what was in there pocket as of right now rather than what will happen in the future due to their bad choices. take a look at Windows who has a man at the pilot seat that makes good choices and doesn’t hide what goes on inside the company. He chooses, instead of making more money for himself (which he can’t spend anyways) to invest in research to help the company grow. If the CEOs of the companies that are asking for 700 billion in help where to do that there would be no problem (by the way there CEOs and CFOs on avg. make 100 million dollars). So it comes down to looking inside all of ourselves and asking can any of us be trusted to do what is right, and no I am not saying that we all have to be Christians to be good people, we just have to have morals.
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