Stimflation: Worse Than Stagflation?

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Stimflation: Worse Than Stagflation?

Postby Indaswamp » Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:24 am

As in 'STIMulus caused inFLATION' throwing gas on fire to put it out- wrong approach. Borrowing more money to solve the problem of to much debt won't fix the problem. Printing more and more money to pay down the debt will devalue our currency at an alarming rate....The U.S. gov. is overextended. When foreign nations refuse to finance our debt, the U.S. will have no one to turn to- then the printing presses will print more money than we have trees---or we will default on our debts. It's crystal clear if you understand the choices available to the Gov. If the worlds reserve currency shifts to the euro or some other new currency instituted by the international bankers, the U.S. will be S.O.L. and crash...let's hope that doesn't have to happen for our politicians to wake up! ... 361720.txt
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