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kel tec pf9

Postby whaknstak » Sat Jul 30, 2011 1:14 pm

I recently bought a kel tec pf9 for $275 out the door. Super slim, single stack 7+1 polymer 9mm. I have put close to 300 rounds through it and it did not hiccup once. Fmjs hps it didn't care. Low profile sights are easy on the eyes. But the long trigger pull does take some getting used to. It breaks well though. No safety with an internal hammer (you could carry in your pocket, though the p3at or the lcp would be a better pocket gun) It has moderate recoil, more so than a glock or 1911 but comfortable still to target shoot with. And it disappears in a iwb holster. Super easy to field strip and clean as well.

I know there are many reliable ccws to choose from. i spent hours researching weapons and decided on this one. I hope this quick review could help someone out in the future. Small, light, and reliable. And made in the USA. A good choice if your looking for a ccw.

Pros- light, small, cost, slim, cheap ammo, accurate
Cons- low capacity, recoil
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