Keeping a dog at heel in the blind

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Keeping a dog at heel in the blind

Postby waterfowler82 » Fri Oct 21, 2005 11:00 am

My lab (almost 2 y.o. female) will stay at heel all day long while throwing dummies, with or without gun fire, but when you get her in the blind and you shoot at (and miss :pissed: ) ducks, she takes off after them while they are flying away. Are there any tricks to keep a dog in position while hunting. I thought about trying to put a stake in the ground (in marshy mud...yeah right) that I could tie her to, but I'm not sure how that'd work out. You guys have any advice?
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Postby terryg » Fri Oct 21, 2005 12:18 pm

buy a longer stake. a piece of threaded or smooth 3/8 steel rod can be purchsed at most hardware stores for 10 bucks or less.

it won't take lond for a dog with your training to catch on.

do both of you a favor. for safety and control tie this dog up. :thumbsup:
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Postby 98ramtough » Sat Oct 22, 2005 9:13 pm

Get a cork screw stake and tie him to it. It is best to simulate the situation and discipline him when he breaks. If you have not worked on it with him, you can't expect him not to break.

Most dogs will break at some point. Just train for it to minimize it.

I used to bring a leash and attatch it to the ecollar on my dog, then lide the loop through my wader belt. This kept the dog at my side.

#1 most important thing, if the dog is young, make sure you set him up for success by being able to see the bird fall, if not every retrieve is blind, and can be tough for younger dog. A seasoned dog will just usually know where the ducks fall, usually in the decoys. My dog will be sleeping behind the blind half the time and when the gun goes off he is pretty used to seeing the orange feet kicking in the pocket, so I don't worry about him seeing the bird fall....
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Postby shrpshtr » Sat Oct 22, 2005 9:23 pm

i think as the dog settles into the obedience you should be instilling in him this will go away. i personally think a 2 y/o has a bit of puppy in him still and needs more maturing. nothing wrong with hunting over them but you can't expect them to be perfect. you could nip this quickly with an e-collar...

98, that's pretty funny about your dog asleep behind the blind. my dog lays around/sleeps most every hunt but as soon as i get ready for a shot he pops up and knows to be ready. it's really cool hunting over a seasoned dog (4 or 5 years experience in the field) because it seems like they know what you're going to do before you do it.
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Postby Steven05 » Mon Oct 24, 2005 2:11 pm

maybe at home when ur not hunting get pigons or a live bird and a blank .22 and let the bird go and shoot a couple times and hold the dog and repeat sit and stay. after a while she should do it.
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Postby Joel » Mon Oct 24, 2005 6:00 pm

my 2 cents use live hobbled birds put her at heel with a pinch collar and leash <so you can step on the leash if she brakes> fire the blank throw the bird and then you go pic it up. teaches her to hoaner you as you walk to get the bird repeat stay stay. Remember we teach them to brake as pups playing fech then we start steading then for the shot then right after we shoot we jump up and send them teaching them to brake all over i make my pup wait 5 min or so them dead birds arent going anywhere but i send him right then on cripples thats diff . just my 2 cents
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