Breeder problems

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Breeder problems

Postby Dep666 » Mon Nov 07, 2005 8:50 am

I have a comical story about dealing with a couple of breeders in my area.
Three years ago I was looking for a Choc. Lab pup. I wanted the dog for hunting and my wife wanted a companion. Ok... A Lab would be perfect. I called a lab breeder whom 2 co-workers suggested. I arranged for my wife and I to go and tour the breeder's kennel. We went to the kennel that met the breeder and her husband. It turned out that the Husband was a big duck hunter and we hit it off right away. At the time the Breeder did not have a litter, but she would call me when she had pups. About 6 months later she called me and said that she had a litter and that I could come out to see them. We did and we fell in love with one of the males. For 5 consecutive Saturdays my wife and I drove 2 hours to the kennel to see the pups. The Saturday before we were going to pick up the pup the woman asked me where I was going to train the dog. I told her I knew a trainer and I already made arrangements. The trainer looked puzzled and said " You mean your not going to take my class?"( Oh by the way the dog cost 700 and the classes cost 250) I said no , it was too far of a drive to make twice a week for 4 weeks . I also explained that I worked 2nd shift and that I could not make the tuesday/thursday classes. Now the money didn't matter to me, nor did the time to train the dog. The breeder and her husband told me that they would not sell us and dog and " We would not make good dog owners, and we are the type of people who would take our dog to the Humane Society the first time he had an accident on the floor." Now normally I would have delivered a stiff right hook to the breeder's grill, but the shock of what I had heard just threw me...Needless to say We got our deposit back and I filed the necessary complaints with the local Kennel Clubs and the Labrador clubs that this woman belongs to. For a silver lining story I now have a three year old Choc lab named Parker. Mr. Parker did not come froma field line, he came from a show/english line. He will not win any titles, but he brings the birds back to me and at the end of the day he sleeps in my bed. Now that dog has the life of Riley! The breeder I bought Parker from charged me 600. Hell I probably would have paid 1600 if I knew how great of a companion and hunter he would be. The point of my story is be careful who you are dealing with when it comes to picking out a pup.......Oh by the way I will furnish the name of the breeder and kennel that screwed me over as well as the kennel I got Parker from......... Good luck and have a great and safe season...Matt French
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Postby bullocklabradors » Mon Nov 07, 2005 9:58 am


That is too bad, those type of business dealings are very disappointing to hear about! I am glad you are happy with your puppy and I wish you many long years of happy hunting. And by the way what do you mean you won't win any titles maybe not in Field Trials because you did not buy a Field Lab on steroids, but you could run in Hunt Tests and get titles all day long with a well trained Show/English Lab.

Take Care,

Travis R. Bullock

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Postby Dep666 » Mon Nov 07, 2005 10:27 am

What I meant was he goes out , gets the birds for me, and brings them back. Its nothing fancy or pretty , but it works for me. What he really loves is grabbing divers in the late season. I hunt the upper Niagara river and the current cant get pretty interesting. As you know divers are a tough bird to kill, so I keep the dog tethered until I know that bird is stone dead. I run the dog down current and then let him go just as the dird clears the decoys. Kind of a chineese fire drill, but he loves the current and I love shootin divers. A couple of years back I took him to North dakota and he made some great retrieves. About 80 (Give or take) in a week. Not bad for a show dog. Anyway the story I wrote about was not to knock any breeders , just to show people that buyer beware. Oh by the way the my local kennel club dropped that breeder from their list of "reputable breeders." Revenge is mine..... :thumbsup:
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