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training help

Postby duckweed » Mon Dec 26, 2005 2:15 pm

hey fellas you have helped me in the past and i need you now. i have been trying to train my pup and i think i might be doing it wrong. now she will retrieve stuff but when she gets close to me she turns it into a game. also she will not sit still when i am teaching her. what should i do. she is now 7 months old. please help me. how should i go about training her more efficiently. we will be hunting oput of a blind of water and she needs to learn to mark and then retrieve and come right back. how should i go about teaching her this. please i need to know, i will be training her until next season to hopefully get her knowlegdeable on her part in hutning. any help will be appriciated.
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Postby hunt-chessies » Mon Dec 26, 2005 2:40 pm

from what you said i see 2 problems here......
1) and the biggest problem, dog won't sit still ...... back to basic OB. you shouldn't move past this untill it's solid. go back and start over with sitting. the dog shouldn't move untill told to do so and thats what you have to enforce. you need a leash and a LONG lead (25-50 ft). start with the leash then go to the lead. That lead should be on at ALL times untill your %110 or you move to a e-collar (if your going that route) if the dog is behaving and your not needing to use the lead then just let it drag on the ground but DO NOT REMOVE IT, it is the only way you can reach out to the dog once it leaves your side untill you go to the e-collar!!!!

2) as for making it a game..... the lead will fix that too. DO NOT CHASE, and don't encorage any sortta games like this either in the field or at home with toys. simply grab the lead and pull the dog in. position it where you want delivery and then once the dog is placed, and only then, do you give the release command and take the bird/dummy. you may have to do this alot, you may have to place the bird back in its mouth and mabey even hold it there forcfully untill placed and then you can give the command but if you give an inch here the dogs going to take a mile. FF and CC will clean up a ton of your problems as will getting a good trainnig aid/book and reading it carfully (and following it). 10 min retriever, smartworks, lardys tapes, retrievers from the inside out are all good aids. choose one and go with it, should help you out a ton i think.

be calm, patient and, consistant with your training, attitude, and temper and you should get thru this without too much trouble. we've all been here i'm pretty sure about that (i know i have)
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