Looking Medical Information/Advice

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Looking Medical Information/Advice

Postby nchunter54 » Tue Nov 12, 2013 7:04 am

I had posted this in the NC Forum

Looking information/advice regarding dog “cold tail”. Saturday, my lab appeared to have hurt herself during the morning hunt. Some history: she pulled a ligament/muscle in her back right leg a couple of months back and was confined to her crate for two weeks by the vet to allow it to heal. After she was giving the ok, I worked her daily running bumpers or swimming for 10-20 minutes trying not to re-injure her to get her ready for the season. Saturday she did fine with the retrieving but appeared to be a little pre-occupied; did not always listen to the whistle and commends. Before leaving the hunt, she was walking slowly with her tail between her legs, something she has never done with me before. We had a three hour ride home and she appeared to be uncomfortable during the trip. At home, she did not want to even get out of the back seat of the truck. I assumed she had injured the leg again, but she was not favoring it like last time. At home, she ate most of her supper/dog feed but the tail was still down. Called my vet (I have a great vet) and she ask me a give her some rimadyl and check back in an hour; this appeared to help. My wife and I went to supper and returned about three hours later and she would not even try to stand up. Call the vet back and she told me the symptoms sounded like “cold tail” and for me to continue the medicine for a few days. Sunday morning she was sitting up waiting for me to let her out for her to do her business and she continued to improve more during the day. This morning (Monday) she appears to be at about 70-80 percent, tail was back up when she was trotting.

My concern now is that I do not want to hurt her more. I did Google “cold tail” but I am looking for advice from someone who has seen and/or been through this before. I would rather she be a pet than continue to cause her pain by hunting her. She is seven years old, 60 pounds and in good condition. No matter the answer(s) she has a home until the good Lord takes her to live with him. You are welcome to post your replies by pm or here on the forum – thanks.

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Re: Looking Medical Information/Advice

Postby Spry Yellowdog » Tue Nov 12, 2013 7:28 am

My pup got cold tail early last season when it really wasn't that cold out and water temps were reasonable.
Scared me to death. Took about 3 days and then no signs of it. Hunted the rest of the year and it only got colder
and never had a problem again. So far this year not a problem either. Hopefully a one time thing.

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Re: Looking Medical Information/Advice

Postby talltimber » Tue Nov 12, 2013 8:59 am

My dogs had it before. Gave him three days off (I was hunting a lot more back then) and he was fine. Gave him some anti-inflammatory meds for a couple of days.
I don't think it's got as much to do with cold water, as it does over exertion. My dog got it the first of season, working/calling a lot of ducks, wagged his tail the whole time. Sore.
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Re: Looking Medical Information/Advice

Postby Dakota Creek » Tue Nov 12, 2013 4:46 pm

talltimber wrote:I don't think it's got as much to do with cold water, as it does over exertion.

Correct! Speak to your vet about an appropriate anti-inflammatory and give your dog a couple of days off to recover. After several days rest you should see her carrying her tail in the normal position.
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Re: Looking Medical Information/Advice

Postby Duckbusterkerr21 » Tue Nov 12, 2013 5:50 pm

My vet told me to keep my pup on rimadyl for 2 weeks I gave him one week off and he seemed to be fine I hunted him the next week but keep him on the medication and he had been fine ever sence then. But if u do give ur pup rimadyl make sure u don't give it to them on an empty stomach. Because it will give them an upset stomach and make them throw up found that out the hard way. Hope ur pup gets better.
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