In Search of Cypress

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In Search of Cypress

Postby Strick9 » Wed Dec 18, 2013 12:00 pm

After 14 years I had to lay my Chessy, Cypress down to rest and well damn he certainly deserved and needed the rest no matter how much it killed me to hear his last breath.

Cypress held in his resume lasting, 14 years thousands of retrieved geese and ducks along with several blood trailed whitetails and wild hogs. His last retrieve consisted of me lowering him into the water at which point he swam to his mark mid river and brought back a glorious drake Black which resides upon my wall with his picture taken during the retrieve above the mount. I damn near mounted Cypress instead of the duck , he was that kind of dog, but that would be weird now wouldn't it...or would it LOL> some of you know the type of dog I speak of in Cypress.

At anyrate....

I am finally in a position where I can give full attention to another dog and so another journey begins.

Does anyone know a tried, tested and proven breeder for Chessies that have the following traits

1. Pleasant demeanor to people and other dogs. Mandatory, I know most of this will come from me obviously.

2. Natural skill set, full of grit and drive. Not a quiter.

3. Multi talented, will be asked to not only be an avid waterfowl dog but also be able to follow a blood trail.

4. Male needs l finish in the 100 lb plus class range. Lots of current here including bay and ocean hunting , not to mention gators and hogs.

5. Shorter Hair, its hot down here.

6. Obviously certified free of all eye, hip and neurological disorders to inslude being DM free.

I really appreciate all of your help in advance gentlemen. I would also possibly entertain a really very very solid line of Chocolates or Blacks...but not likely.

I was seeking Butch Goodwin of Northern Flight but apparently he is not producing litters any longer.
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