full blooded or not?

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Re: full blooded or not?

Postby sgk » Sat Mar 08, 2014 12:42 pm

buckmeister wrote:Delta Ducker:

Quit thinking about full blood or not and start focusing your attention on training yourself to train the dog. Its a real cute pup so have fun but get some good training books and DVD's. I would suggest you get the Wild Rose Kennel DVD, or Bill Hillmanns DVD if you decide to use an e-collar. also Robert Milners book "Retreiver training a back to basic approach" would be a good one for you to start with.

We look forward to seeing some pictures of Greenheads in that dogs mouth!!

I agree with this completely.
Keep the pup healthy and turn her into the dog you want her to be. The materials are out there to make her into the dog you want, pure bred or not.
The greatest dog I ever hunted over was a, supposed, pure bred yellow male pup that I bought without papers for 75 dollars 30 years ago. That dog could find pheasants and grouse other dogs would run right past and did a great job retrieving ducks and geese. He would even bust brush piles for rabbits and treed and retrieved squirrels.
We now breed, sell, train and hunt over labs out of some of the best bloodlines in the country but I have never had a better meat dog than him.
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